Bedside table or nightstand: how to choose it? Our advices

When choosing your nightstand, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure you have a piece of furniture in the style you want and that meets your needs. The nightstands, often there are two of them, they are like the earrings of your bed! It is an accessory that beautifies both your bed and your bedroom. Either you choose two matching bedside tables or you mismatch them, it’s up to you. But whatever your choice, your nightstands must be functional, giving you more room to store small items, serving as a book or a pretty vase with a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you want to change your bedside tables, update the decoration of your room and refresh the atmosphere of your sleeping area, here are some tips.

The functionality of your bedside table

When choosing a new bedside table, keep in mind the objects you use regularly that are to be placed on its surface or stored inside. It can be a bedside lamp, a glass of water, a candle, a book, a vase, your glasses, etc. If you are a fan of minimalism, choose your bedside tables with drawers. So nothing will be left in plain sight, but everything will be well and securely organized – and hidden.

Everything that is stored on the bedside table such as medicines, small change, electronic devices including your phone for example can be stored elsewhere in the house. Changing your bedside table also means refining your decoration, in any case all its personal mess.

Creativity in bedside tables

Avoid buying the bedroom that comes in one piece with all matching if you want to inject character into your bedroom decor. When everything is the same, it is a bit of a catalog and it becomes difficult to mark the decoration of your imprint. See beyond the simple classic bedside table. A chair, ladder, vintage wooden crates can do the trick just as well and create an interesting look while remaining functional. An original idea is to take a drawer and then turn it into a bedside table by fixing it to the wall. Of course, you have to assess the height where you install it.

Another idea is to get a small stepladder that you like from a garage sale or from a second-hand online store. You can repaint it or leave it as is. Finally, the pallet is so popular, if you have one you can recover its wood and create a nightstand with it. It is possible to fix casters to make it mobile. In short, try it out. And thus show your personality!

A DIY bedside table (Do It Yourself)

Looking at your favorite web pages, starting with Pinterest, will give you plenty of ideas to create your own bedside table with your own hands. A bedside table in Do It Yourself. The assembly instructions and pictures will guide you and the step by step is very often easy to follow because it is well detailed. You can also adapt certain proposals to ensure that your nightstand is personalized, unique in its kind. If it is successful, it is a piece of furniture that you can pass on. You can buy an existing bedside table and customize it, paint it, add decorative elements to it, think about it differently. Or you can build it from scratch. There are tutorials offering explanatory videos to make a wooden nightstand, with the A to Z method. You just need to equip yourself with the basic elements, the necessary equipment and then patiently follow the instructions.

To match or not to match your bedside tables

Don’t feel like you have to match your nightstands, it can work very well with two distinct looking nightstands as long as there is harmony in color, shape or size. For example, there may be more room on one side of the bed, allowing you to place a slightly larger bedside table with built-in drawers on it, while the other side has a smaller nightstand. , but both are made of the same wood. Or you can go for a more feminine version on one side and more masculine on the other keeping the same color and shape! Again, don’t be afraid to experiment to get a bedroom decor that’s right for you.

Define and follow your style to choose your nightstand

The color and material used will define your decorating style so pay attention. For an Atlantic coast decoration, choose natural materials while for an industrial decoration, choose a combination of metal and wood. Go to Pinterest or flip through magazines for inspiration and to get an idea of ​​what goes with each style. Once you’ve drawn inspiration, define what style you want.

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