Beige: what symbolism for this color? What associations in decoration?

Who Said Beige Is A Boring Color? Matter without doubt, but in a good sense. This natural tone is more than ever popular in decoration. Beige is at the same time sand, eggshell, cream, ecru, ivory, in short, a tone between a light yellow and a very soft brown. This is probably not the first color mentioned when it comes to favorite color. However, it is a perfect color for decoration, especially if it is well associated. So how do you furnish and decorate with beige?

What is the symbolism of the color beige?

The beige color is a gift from nature, its different tones can be seen in the sands of the desert but also in certain animals or plants. It is also quite close to human skin tone. That is why beige color is often used in apartments and houses, offices and even hospitals. Beige visually expands the space and it is a perfect solution for small rooms. Beige is ideal for finishing a bedroom; its delicacy leads to relaxation. Combinations with natural materials such as wood, textiles and wool are easy.

Like the color brown to which it is close, beige is given qualifiers such as warm, welcoming, soothing. Beige triggers a feeling of security, well-being and comfort in us. This is also one of the reasons why beige in all its shades is particularly suitable in the living room as well as in the kitchen.

Beige is the color of compromise: the color is suitable for anyone who does not want to leave their walls completely white, but also does not like too much color in the room. And if a beige alone may seem boring to you, pair it with another color in a way that creates tension.

Beige with other colors

The choice of colors in decoration is an essential decision. Opting for beige is to be sure not to make a mistake. Beige is the most “supple” color there is. It is a kind of neutral which in interior decoration corresponds to a basic color. It is the backdrop color par excellence, the one on which the other colors will come to be juxtaposed. The beige color is a bit of a decoration classic. Unfairly underestimated and sometimes classified as too simple or too boring, it is on the contrary the perfect basis for professional designers and decorators. Beige can almost be combined with all colors. Associating beige with other more intense colors is to allow yellow, red, green or blue to prevail. This creates warm, pleasant and vivid contrasts because beige brings out the luminosity of strong contrasting colors.

Beige with bright colors

Thanks to its neutrality, beige can be used indefinitely and works well as a base shade that can be accented with intense color undertones such as orange, red, green, blue and purple. The tone-on-tone combination with brown is particularly harmonious.

Beige with pastel colors

You can also combine beige with pastel colors. This creates a very chic combination. On the other hand, really make sure that all the shades have roughly the same tonality, that is, they have roughly the same proportion of gray. This is the only way to create a harmonious decoration.

Beige with other neutral colors

Beige can also be combined with the “neutral” colors black, white and gray, but with different effects. In the case of white and gray, which are just as clear or even lighter than beige, everything blends together harmoniously. Depending on the intensity of the gray or beige, the desired decorative style can range from casual to very cozy, including elegant. Black, on the other hand, highlights the brightness of beige. With this association, the beige color – rather discreet, becomes much more prominent.

Beige with other natural colors

Like many shades of green or brown, beige is also a camouflage color. Moreover, these colors go very well together and harmonize perfectly with each other. Just like with all the other natural elements in your room. The whole ensures a lot of calm, serenity, comfort in your room. This is confirmed with the indoor plants that you can integrate into your decoration. With their lush green colors or their colorful flowers, they blend harmoniously with the beige color. Choose different shades of wood, a decoration in white, green and beige tones and you have a pretty soft Scandinavian decoration.

Associations with beige according to its intensity

Not all beiges are the same. Some are more or less yellow, more or less orange, more or less brown. And it is also this tone that will determine with which other colors your beige would go well. Beige tending towards peach will work well with red, emerald green, turquoise and even light green. Beige with a high percentage of orange will work well with sand, brown and black. Fairly dark beige close to brown will look great with dark tones of brown, with black and white.