Bercy announces 11 billion aid per month for businesses

With the closure of 150,000 stores in France, Bercy announced on Wednesday March 31, 2021, that the aid bill would increase and reach 11 billion euros per month.

Monthly aid of 11 billion euros

Who says containment, says closure of new stores qualified as non-essential. The new restrictive measures announced by the President of the Republic have increased the number of closed shops in the country. Thus, from Sunday April 4, 2021, 150,000 businesses will remain closed for a minimum of four weeks. To help them overcome this new closure, the government will maintain financial aid.

Following Emmanuel Macron’s announcements, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance estimated the new total cost of aid to businesses and businesses, whether closed or not, to 11 billion euros per month. These aids include, the solidarity fund, the support of the partial activity or the exemption of charges.

150,000 shops closed

The generalization of flexible confinement to the entire metropolitan territory will result in the closure of 40,000 new businesses. They are therefore in addition to the 110,000 businesses that have already had to close in the nineteen departments already subject to containment measures for a few weeks. Île-de-France alone has 60,000 business closures.

Thus, the cost of helping businesses for the coming month of confinement is 11 billion euros. Among these 11 billion euros, the government announced that it would release in the course of the week additional aid of 200 million euros to come to the aid of 35,000 personal equipment stores, undermined by the crisis but also for several years by repeated social movements.

At the end of the third confinement, all the businesses will not reopen in one piece, Emmanuel Macron announced that the deconfinement and reopening would be done gradually. “ From mid-May, we will start opening again with certain strict rules. We will authorize, under conditions, the opening of terraces and we will build, between mid-May and the beginning of summer, a calendar of gradual reopening for culture, leisure sports, events, our cafes and restaurants. “.