Bernie Sanders: you’ll soon be able to buy the hottest mittens

January 20, 2021 will not have witnessed just one big event but two. In addition to the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President of the United States, this date will have marked the advent of the mittens of former Vice President Bernie Sanders. For fans of the latter, good news, they will soon be available for sale.

Bernie Sanders’ mitten designer announces she has found a supplier

On January 20, 2021, it was freezing cold, and former US Vice President Bernie Sanders decided to wear a pair of mittens to warm up. Since then, the runaway on social networks, everyone wants to get the same pair of mittens as the politician. An insane request to which the designer, a teacher in Vermont, cannot answer.

Saturday January 30, 2021, via her Twitter account, the designer Jennifer Ellis announces good news to fans of mittens. “ I have great news! I’m partnering up with Teddy Bear in Vermont to produce Bernie’s Mittens for EVERYONE !! “. A news that has something to delight fans but also the Make a Wish association of Vermont.

Part of the proceeds will go to the Make a Wish association in Vermont

The adventure takes an unexpected turn for the teacher who has been facing a very high demand for her mittens for ten days. Faced with this, Jennifer Ellis has decided to donate part of the profits from the sale of mittens to the Make a Wish Vermont association. The association aims to make the dreams of sick children come true.

Jennifer Ellis is not the only one to make a nice gesture. Bernie Sanders took advantage of the craze around the cliché the representative curled up on himself with the famous mittens during the nomination of Joe Biden to raise funds. The sale of objects derived from the cliché enabled him to raise $ 1.8 million in just five days.

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