Beware of internet scams

This unprecedented period where we spend at least ten hours a day in front of screens is not without risks, far from it.

Internet: beware of too low prices

I am not talking here about psychological risks nor about cardiovascular health, by dint of never moving again. No, more simply, I’m talking about the risks of being “hypnotized” to put it more simply, to trap. Behind a screen, we always lack perspective, that’s part of the thing. And so, we don’t understand right away, and often, too late, that we are being ripped off: hence the word “hypnotize”.

Often frightfully banal, mediocre Internet scams, which we easily detect in real life, but which trap us in our digital life. So, I will recall the fundamentals here. If a product doesn’t seem like it’s real price, but super cheap, beware. It may be of very poor quality, or you will not receive anything at all.

Watch out for fake gifts

If you are promised a prize, a prize, a win, a gift: beware. Nobody organizes free lotteries to distribute money to everyone, and gifts from strangers are never selfless, when they exist.

Finally, if you’re told a refund you didn’t expect, whether it’s a refund for a purchase, medical care, or a tax or tax, beware. When you are owed something in real life, you have to claim it, sometimes, insistently. There is no reason for it to be any different with the Internet.

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