Biden’s female deputy ”laughed except for the idea of ​​running Mr. Trump in 2024 election

Biden’s female “deputy” laughed except for Mr Trump’s 2024 election idea

US Vice President Kamala Harris with her husband Doug Emhoff and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser on November 28 to visit a resort in the Penn Quarter in Washington DC

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Photo: Shutterstock

Mrs. Harris appeared to wear two masks and chatted with a few shopkeepers at the resort. She stopped at a stall and raised a T-shirt with the words “Madam Vice President” written on it, making the crowd excited.

The Vice President-elect has bought two puzzles at New York Puzzle Company and Mr. Emhoff is the payer.

At the Marcella Kriebel Art and Illustration Gallery, Harris looks at the prints of different types of coffee. She opted for a printout of different cheeses, while Mr. Emhoff opted for a T-shirt that read “Madam Vice President”.

Here, Harris paused to greet shoppers before speaking to reporters. “We are here with the Mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, to motivate small-scale businesses to be here, as well as to motivate small businesses across America. They are suffering.” Ms. Harris added.

“They (small businesses) have always been an essential part of the lifeblood of the community, part of the social fabric, part of the community, sadly since the outbreak of Covid-19, 1 / Four small businesses in the US have closed, “said the female” deputy “of the President-elect Joe Biden.

When asked if President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence were involved in the transition of power, Harris turned to replies on how she and Mr. Biden would support small businesses in the world. Covid-19 translation.

“We and the administration are going to focus on what’s important and what’s important about handling Covid-19, opening up support for small businesses, and focusing on experts in all areas,” she said. Harris emphasizes.

When asked about the news that Trump wanted to run for president in 2024, the president-elect Joe Biden’s “deputy general” laughed and said “please”.

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