Billionaires: the Top 10 won more than 500 billion during the pandemic

The publication, on April 6, 2021, of the ranking of the richest men in the world in 2021 makes it possible to discover how much the richest have increased their personal fortunes as the whole world found itself stuck and confined during a global pandemic of which it does not exist. still hasn’t been released a year later. And, unsurprisingly, it runs into tens of billions of dollars.

The Top 3 2020 weighs … nearly 500 billion euros alone

In the Top 3 of the Forbes ranking of billionaires 2021, we now find Bernard Arnault, boss and founder of LVMH, who weighs a whopping $ 150 billion and is in third place in the ranking. It is only surpassed by Elon Musk and his $ 151 billion, and of course the almost unbeatable Jeff Bezos with his fortune of 177 billion which makes him the richest man in the world.

But it is all the more interesting to compare these riches to those of these same people … in 2019. Thus, Bernard Arnault, still 3rd in the 2020 ranking of Forbes billionaires, had a fortune of only 76 billion and which has therefore … doubled: +74 billion in one year. Jeff Bezos only saw his wealth increase by 64 billion while the big winner is Elon Musk.

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX went from a fortune of 24 billion to 150 billion, or 126 billion more.

Still more billions for the rest of the top 10 billionaires 2021

If we continue the Forbes ranking of billionaires 2021 we find: Bill Gates (124 billion), Mark Zuckerberg (97 billion) then Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mukesh Ambani, all of whom have fortunes in excess of 80 billion of dollars. But how much did they gain in 2020, during the pandemic?

Simple: 26 billion for Gates, 42.3 billion for Zuckerberg, 28.5 billion for Buffett, 34 billion for Ellison, 41 billion for Page, 40 billion for Brin, while for Ambani, outside of the Top 20 of April 2020, his fortune has increased by at least 45 billion dollars in one year.

How much more fortune in a year for the top 10 alone?

Admittedly, the Forbes ranking being established in April and that in March 2020 a stock market crash had a strong impact on the fortune of billionaires, the increase in their wealth over one year is greater than in normal times, but it remains incredible.

For the Top 10 billionaires alone according to Forbes, fortune has increased in one year by 520 billion dollars, almost 5 times the amount of the French government’s stimulus plan. And we are talking about an increase, not their fortune as a whole.

The Top 10 billionaires according to Forbes, in 2021, indeed holds $ 1.153 billion; their fortune has therefore almost doubled in one year.