Blind cat: how to take care of it?

For some time now, you have noticed that Minou is less alert, that he bumps into your furniture, that he falls when he jumps off the sofa and that he is more reluctant to go outside.

You then decide to take him to the vet to find out what is happening to him. After a complete examination, your practitioner tells you that your cat is blind. Additional examinations will then make it possible to know the cause of this sensory loss.

Once the club has been hit, questions will arise. You will surely want to know the causes of this blindness, whether it is reversible or not, and understand how to help your faithful companion in his new life if it is not. Here are our tips and tricks for blind cats.

Causes of loss of sight in cats

There are several reasons that can cause and explain blindness in cats.

This can be organic such as an age-related disease such as hypertension or diabetes, a tumor, an infection following a fight, untreated or poorly treated coryza (quite common in cats living alone outside or on wild litters) or it may be following a head trauma caused by a fall or a shock (against a car for example).

If it is an organic cause, medical treatment can sometimes improve or even completely restore your cat’s sight. If it is a traumatic cause, the damage can be more complicated to repair and be irreversible.

Discovery of visual impairment

Blindness in cats can take several days, weeks, or even months to set in. And we may not realize it immediately either, especially since on a long installation, our animal may have time to adapt to his handicap and therefore mislead us.

So do not hesitate, especially when your hairball is starting to age, to stare at it in the eyes quite regularly. Head to head that can prove to be very precious. Indeed, if you notice the slightest anomaly, you can then consult without delay. A glassy or whitening eye, pupils that remain dilated or on the contrary contracted, or any other things that seem abnormal to you, are signs that should alert you. Despite everything, if you have not been able, or knew, to notice this visual deficit, do not feel guilty. Today there are solutions to make your cat’s daily life as pleasant as possible.

Medical management of visual blindness

Obviously, if medical treatment can relieve him or improve his eyesight, administering it on a regular basis as prescribed by the veterinarian can be very beneficial for his eyes. Hypertensive treatment or comprehensive management of his diabetes, surgery on his tumor may be possible solutions.

In addition, you can set up secure spaces for him on a daily basis.

Habitat planning for a blind cat

Inside the house

The cat, although an inveterate hunter, remains an animal of prey. He is therefore fearful and needs either to get up to observe his surroundings, or to hide to feel safe. To keep Minou’s habits as much as possible, you can modify his favorite places of hiding and observation. This method will allow him not to fall to get there, if they are high.

But you can also create new ones for him. For example, cut out the front of a dresser drawer so that it can fit inside (the lower one, the most accessible) or, if you have a two-story house, cut in the first riser of the staircase, a passage big enough to fit easily when feeling a little stressed.

Inside, her favorite blanket or a soft pillow will be enough to soothe her and help her sleep peacefully. Are the sofa or bed their favorite places for a nap? No problem, for a few euros you can find stairs on the internet to facilitate access to the beds or sofas of our little companions.

By always leaving rest areas and access facilities in the same place, your cat will quickly get used to using them. But it will of course be necessary to show him these arrangements, and to repeat this course several times so that he can integrate them into his new life.

Also make sure that his bowls and litter are always in the same place. You can optionally use a water and kibble dispenser if you are concerned that it will tip over the containers while trying to grab the contents. Regarding the litter, thanks to his already very developed sense of smell and that he will seek even more to compensate, he will know if it is clean or not and will not take the risk of trampling on his excrement. it is thanks to his sense of smell that he will be able to eat properly.

But it is above all thanks to you and your daily behavior that your cat will feel reassured and will better understand his new life.

To behave.

You will need to make sure that there are no obstacles lying around and objects that he could bump into and injure himself. It is also important to educate your family members, and even your friends, so that everyone can participate in making your cat’s disability less crippling. In this way, your cat will benefit from an environment in which he can circulate serenely. A calm and reassuring universe possible to reduce your stress level.

Being deprived of sight, one of the most important senses allowing the rapid analysis of a situation, it is possible that a loud or loud noise of which he is not used to surprise him. The latter can destabilize him, stress him and lead to flight behavior that is dangerous for his health, because disorderly due to blindness.

You will also have to get used to announcing yourself in a gentle way when you enter the room in which he is. This new habit will not surprise him with your presence and will reassure him over the long term. You can also set up a ritual before you stroke him: tell him that you are going to touch him or always whistle the same tune, for example. Thanks to this way of doing things, he will associate this sound with the fact that the hand he will feel on his back is there to caress it, to do him good, and not to hurt him.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to repeat to children that Minou is not the same as before, but that he still loves cuddles. They will have to be taught to behave with him in a gentle way. This trick can kill two birds with one stone, and can be a great way to tidy up their room and toys. Who says you can’t use the blind cat excuse to declutter the cat’s living space?

Nevertheless, a cat remains a cat. True to its nature, it will enjoy playing and hunting for entertainment when it is not asleep, despite its blindness. There are specialized toys for blind cats on the internet and in some pet stores. It is also possible to find tutorials on the web for creating and imagining new toys. Do not hesitate, in addition, to give free rein to your imagination to invent some.

But if Grisou used to go out, to enjoy the garden, how will it be for him outside?

Outside the house

If your cat had gotten into the habit of going outside, it would be best to try to keep these rituals as much as possible in order to meet his needs and desires to smell the air on his whiskers, listen to birdsong and to lie down in the fresh grass dreaming of hunting a giant mouse.

In this case, you can buy a harness and a leash to take it for a walk or create a completely secure space for it in your garden. In this place, you will not leave it alone, in order to protect it as well as possible and to avoid any risk of accident.

Finally, if you find that these outdoor access solutions are not viable in the long term, you will unfortunately have to accept the fact that your feline will no longer be able to go outside. In this case, and plan to secure the doors and windows so that it cannot escape your vigilance. It will certainly take a while for him to adapt to accept it, but he will eventually get used to it, don’t worry about him.

His proposed accommodations may be complicated for you, the master of your mustached friend, to accept. Indeed, you are mourning an animal that will no longer be “as before”. He is now different because he is disabled, but he remains deeply attached to you. With time and patience, everyone will get their bearings and your cat will be able to thrive in the best possible environment.