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First of all, it’s worth mentioning how diverse the female wardrobe is, isn’t it? There are several types of pieces, for each type of occasion and moment, but the coolest thing is that we can have fun putting together our looks. Like other pieces of women’s clothing, the types of blouse vary widely. Knowing each of these models can help a lot when making your compositions.

Pay attention to the composition

While they may have different styles, blouses can vary for several reasons, such as: the type of fabric, collar, neckline and material of manufacture. As well as knowing the model, paying attention to these details before purchase, will make it easier for you to find pieces that value you. After all, that’s the goal!

Types of blouse

Now, not to miss, here are some blouse models.



First, the tunics. Although very common today, tunics originate from a small tribe in the Middle East. Generally, tunics are longer than other blouses and are found in a wide range of colors. They dress very well tall women who have a more baho style.


Female Frame

Eventually, and may be known as a T-shirt, the T-shirts are the most common and democratic types of blouses. Consequently, this type of garment became wild when it came to putting on more casual and casual looks. Finally, the T-shirts they wear them all and because they are basic, they have different colors and prints.


Lorrine Mondin

Like your tunic friend of ours, the robes originated in the Middle East. Initially, they were used only by men, however, over the years and especially in the 60s, women adopted this piece for themselves too. Currently, gowns are widely used in heat stations because they are mostly made with lighter materials. These pieces are widely used by women who are more romantic in style.

Tank Tops


Undoubtedly this type of blouse is in the top 5 of the Brazilian. Due to her sleeveless composition, she is the darling of women when it comes to choosing a cooler piece. The race, as well as the T-shirt is popular and can be found in various prints. Equally practical, muscle- Ts, the novelty of the year, are a junction of the regatta with a shoulder seam that gives the piece a very special touch.


Unike Blog

Just like a smock, strapless blouses are a romantic women’s paradise. These pieces are very feminine and highlight the neck, in addition to being light. The blouses have several patterns, but the vast majority are always in the middle of the plain to the floral.


Everything She

With its peak in the 80’s, cropped tops, at first, were used mainly by the fitness guys, because due to their shorter length, they facilitated ventilation and the execution of exercises. Because it is a more revealing piece, it may not be as popular with all women, however, this piece may be the key to leaving a bolder and more modern look.

Oh, and remember, the important thing is that you like your types of blouse, not what other people think looks good on you!



Beforehand the name of this blouse is already quite explanatory in terms of origin, as it was based on the clothes worn by Roma women. This piece model highlights the neck, the shoulders, and balances the proportions of the silhouette. It is quite common in summer and spring, as well as blouses, with different colors and prints.



Finally, social blouses generally, with regard to the types of blouse, have long sleeves and are composed of finer fabrics. These pieces are more modest, elegant, and consequently have been used for more formal events and in work environments. Long sleeves are key pieces in the wardrobe of executives and more classic women.

Blouse types trends for 2021

For this year, due to the expected high temperatures, the stakes when choosing the types of blouse are the lightest and freshest, in light colors and with materials such as linen, cotton, and crochet.

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