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Books sent by Amazon may soon cost more. Emmanuel Macron spoke in favor of a bill aiming to set a single price for the book, the one bought at the bookstore like the one we receive at home.

It was during a trip to Nevers, in the Nièvre, that Emmanuel Macron took a position in favor of a single price for the book and the shipping costs. ” There must be a single price for all the books, the book we will buy at the bookstore like the book we receive at home », Declared the President of the Republic. It’s a thinly veiled attack on Amazon, which charges only 1 euro cent for shipping books, compared to an average of 6.50 euros for a bookseller. The online commerce giant, which is also the leading bookseller in France, applies the minimum price set by law.

Emmanuel Macron wants to harmonize shipping costs

To rebalance competition, the State has been offering booksellers since last November the reimbursement of shipping costs, but it is not only temporary, but above all it is an administrative process considered cumbersome by professionals. Emmanuel Macron assured that the government would support a bill tabled by Les Républicains, aimed precisely at harmonizing shipping costs for books. We will carry with parliamentarians in the coming weeks the protection of the price of books, even when it is sent by post », Indicated the head of state.

Shipping costs could increase on Amazon

Since 1981, the price of new books is unique, it is set by the publisher. Amazon relies on its logistics and economies of scale to charge the cheapest shipping possible, and booksellers can’t match. The Syndicat de la librairie française welcomed the presidential announcement “ in favor of a single book price that is really the same, whether you buy the book in your bookstore or have it shipped to your home “. It remains to be seen whether consumers will be happy to pay more for their books on Amazon!