Botswana discovers third largest rough diamond in the world

A 1,098-carat diamond was discovered in Botswana by the diamond-producing company, Debswana. It is the third largest rough diamond in the world.

A 1.098-carat diamond

The Debswana company announced on Wednesday June 16, 2021 that a 1,098 carat diamond had been discovered in its Jwaneng mine in Botswana. It is the third largest rough diamond so far discovered in the world. The diamond sector is one of the country’s main economic sources, which represents 90% of its exports.

The Jwaneng mine where the gemstone was found is the most valuable mine in the world and is owned by the Debswana company which is jointly owned by the government and South African diamond dealer De Beers. Debswana produced in 2020, 16.6 million carats, a figure down compared to 2019 (23.3 million carats) due to the pandemic. This discovery is therefore a chance for the country.

The third largest diamond in the world

This is the third largest rough diamond in the world. In second place is a 1,109 carat diamond discovered in 2015 in the Karowe mine also in Botswana. The stone had been sold for 45 million euros. The largest diamond ever discovered remains to this day, the famous Cullinan. This 3,100-carat diamond, discovered in 1905 in South Africa, was subsequently offered to King Edward VII and became, after being split into several pieces and worked, one of the jewels in the British crown.

The valuation of the price of this diamond has been entrusted to the Diamond Trading Co. Botswana and should be made public in a few weeks. Debswana spokesperson Rachel Mothibatsela said “ Debswana will work with the Government of the Republic of Botswana and De Beers to appraise and sell the diamond to ensure that it yields maximum benefit to the people of Botswana. “.