Bouygues Telecom is once again increasing the prices of its offers – Economy

Under the guise of improving its mobile plan offers, the French operator Bouygues Telecom is once again increasing the prices of its plans.

A further increase under the guise of improving the offer

The waltz of rate increases among French telephone operators never ends. It is once again the turn of Bouygues Telecom ” to improve »The offers of its subscribers by increasing the bill a little more. The latest victim of this price increase is the B & You package at 4.99 euros, which includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 20 GB of data per month.

To make their packages more profitable, operators have embarked on a wave of price increases which may or may not be refused depending on the operator. Orange unlike Bouygues or SFR allows its subscribers to cancel the enhancements to find the initial offer. Depending on the campaigns to enrich the offers, Bouygues may or may not allow its customers to refuse the transfer of their package and therefore of their invoice.

A new increase that exasperates Bouygues Telecom customers

The announcement of a new increase in the prices of Bouygues Telecom’s mobile plans makes subscribers cringe, who had precisely chosen their plan based on its features and price. In the case of customers who have subscribed to the B & You 20GB package at 4.99 euros, the price increase is very strong.

Affected subscribers have received an email from the operator notifying them of the change in their package. From April 9, 2021, the package will contain 20GB of additional data for the modest increase of 4 euros per month. An increase that increases the package from 4.99 euros per month to 8.99 euros, or nearly double. A very strong increase that subscribers will not be able to refuse this time.

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