Bouygues Télécom: new wave of forced price increases

Bouygues Télécom seems to want to start the year by increasing revenues from its mobile subscriptions. On Twitter, many testimonials from dissatisfied customers speak of a further increase in the price of packages that they cannot refuse. A completely legal practice but strongly criticized by those concerned and consumer associations.

Three euros more per month for more data

Identified by UniversFreeBox who spotted the tweet of a Bouygues Télécom subscriber, this new increase seems to concern several packages, in particular the B & You 40 GB and 20 GB packages, without it being possible to understand whether the increase is generalized or targeted to only a few customers, such as the oldest ones.

Nevertheless, on Twitter, on March 4, 2021, messages for Bouygues Télécom were numerous, and customer service had difficulty in explaining or getting the increase accepted. The latter is 3 euros or 4 euros per month and allows to obtain what seems to be a doubling of the data envelope in France. and an increase in the data envelope abroad.

But what, as always, is strongly criticized by customers is the inability to refuse the increase. An impossibility confirmed by customer service, according to subscribers.

Right of departure, but no right of refusal

These increases which do not allow the customer to refuse are legal since they come with a counterpart, in this case data. It is therefore a price modification decided unilaterally by the operator.

The subscriber, for his part, has only two choices: either accept or terminate his subscription. Because the Consumer Code still provides a loophole: an increase of this type opens the way to the termination of any subscription, including those with commitment, without costs or penalties, within 4 months of the date of the increase.

Consumers seem to have understood this well: many people say they are leaving the operator rather than seeing the price of their package increase.