Bouygues’ turn to increase its packages in exchange for 5G

Price increases for mobile plans continue to multiply in France, and for good reason: operators are trying to make the cost of deploying 5G profitable. After RED by SFR, it is the turn of B & You, Bouygues Télécom’s 100% Internet operator, to announce an increase in the price of the subscription. In exchange, a little more data and, of course, 5G.

3 euros more per month for some B & You subscribers

As Phonandroid relates, B & You subscribers have received an email explaining that their package will change. Specifically, these are the subscribers of the 80 GB non-binding plan. This is the second time in a month that B & You has announced such an increase, but unlike the previous one, it can be refused.

Because this time, it is not a tariff increase announced by the operator of Bouygues Télécom but… a new option. And like all options, it can be refused. However, the option in question may not be of interest to subscribers. since it is an envelope of 30 GB more data and 5G.

Except that to take advantage of 5G, two criteria must be taken into account: having a 5G compatible smartphone, which is far from being the case with all smartphones … and being covered by the 5G network which is only at the start of its deployment and is now available mainly in some large cities.

How to refuse the 5G option from B & You?

If you don’t want to pay 36 euros more per year for data that you won’t use and a 5G network to which you are not eligible or which you feel you have no use for, it’s simple: just refuse the option. You have until September 26, 2021 to do this, the price increase coming into effect on May 27, 2021 and the law requiring ByYou to give you a minimum of 4 months to make up your mind. If you do nothing during this time, however, B & You will consider that you agree.

Refusing is fortunately simple: it is done on the Internet, by logging into your B & You account and clicking on “Cancel my option” in your customer area.