Brazil has more than 4 million cases, without requiring the COVID-19 vaccination

Since the first infection was recorded on February 26, the South American country has more than 4.04 million people infected with COVID-19 and nearly 125,000 people have died from the pandemic, making Brazil a was the second most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic after the US.

Brazil’s Ministry of Health said on September 4 that coronavirus infections have decreased slightly in recent days with the hope that the pandemic has peaked after months of average deaths per 1,000, according to AFP News Agency. Since the end of August, Brazil has recorded an average of 870 deaths and 40,000 new cases per day.

Even so, independent medical experts still urge people to be cautious. “This is the beginning of what we hope is the real trend of improving the epidemic,” said Mauricio Sanchez, an epidemiologist at the University of Brasilia.

However, Mr. Sanchez warned that it was not possible to draw any conclusions until the uptrend slowed down for only 2-3 weeks.

Experts warn that the situation could suddenly worsen again if local and regional governments yield to pressure from business groups to reopen the economy too soon and lift social distance.

AFP news agency said that the beaches in Rio de Janeiro were crowded with people without masks over the weekend.

Many Brazilian cities are studying how and when to reopen schools. Bars, restaurants, gyms, and churches and how to despite strict adherence measures.

Mr. Sanchez and epidemiologist Paulo Lotufo, a professor at the University of Sao Paulo, agreed that Brazil could avoid a large number of deaths from COVID-19 if effective quarantine measures were implemented quickly and facilitated to sue the poorest people for early access to government subsidies.

“The most vulnerable people cannot do their jobs from home,” said Mr. Sanchez. Epidemiologist Sanchez is concerned that signs of improvement in the current situation could distract local authorities and citizens, undermining progress made in recent weeks.

Brazil’s strategy to prevent the COVID-19 spread of outbreaks has been hampered by the lack of coordinated anti-epidemic measures as President Jair Bolsonaro often opposes the measures of state governors.

Although he himself has been infected with the coronavirus, Mr. Bolsonaro encouraged his supporters to gather at his meetings. The President even shook hands with some people and wore no masks. Mr. Bolsonaro frequently emphasized his belief that Brazil’s economic slowdown will be even worse than the impact of COVID-19.

Bolsonaro on September 3 also said that the COVID-19 vaccination would not be required once the vaccine became available, according to Reuters. “A lot of people want vaccines to be enforced, but there is no law that says that,” President Bolsonaro said in a live Facebook conversation with supporters.

Earlier, Vice President Hamilton Mourao once said that only mass vaccination could fight a pandemic in Brazil. Mourao admits, though, that the government has no way to force people to get vaccinated.

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