Bruno Le Maire already doubts the reopening of bars and restaurants in mid-May 2021

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, decided to bring bad news during the Easter weekend, the second in a row that the French have spent confined to their homes. Asked by the Sunday newspaper and guest of the RTL / LCI / Le Figaro Grand Jury, the minister wanted to make announcements so that the French have their feet firmly on the ground and do not already imagine that the health crisis is behind us.

2021 growth revised downwards for France

To begin with, in an interview with the Sunday newspaper published on April 4, 2021, Bruno Le Maire specified that the growth forecasts announced at the start of the year may never be reached. In question ? Forecasts that did not take into account a third generalized confinement of the population, and rather counted on a situation significantly resolved in 2021.

However, this month of confinement, which has closed the curtain on more than 150,000 businesses and which will cost the State 11 billion euros, will have a negative impact on French growth, as the previous two did. ” Closing schools and 150,000 businesses is essential to curb the circulation of the virus. But these measures will have an impact on the French economy », Explains Bruno Le Maire to Sunday Newspaper.

Unsurprisingly, the French economy will decline, and now the government prefers to count on growth of 5% in 2021, against nearly 6% for the consensus forecasts from the Banque de France, INSEE and even the OECD. But all these forecasts had already been announced as uncertain, due to the uncertainty that hung over the health crisis.

The reopening of bars and restaurants in May? Maybe not

Another bad news, this time announced on Le Grand Jury RTL / LCI /Le Figaro, the question of reopening bars and restaurants. While Emmanuel Macron seemed to announce, during his speech on March 31, 2021, a reopening in mid-May, Bruno Le Maire prefers to prevent: this may not be the case ” I’m going to disappoint you now, but I prefer that to selling illusions to the French “.

Nothing is decided, in reality: ” It is the health situation and vaccination that will dictate the schedule “Reopening, recalled the minister. Of course, if possible, reopenings will take place as soon as possible. But “ I cannot make any commitment! », He emphasizes.