Build your own swimming pool: advice, advantages, disadvantages

If you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and have a good experience in different fields such as earthworks, plumbing and others, you can decide to build your pool yourself. But this arduous task is not recommended for everyone because if we can derive real advantages from it, the self-construction of a swimming pool has serious drawbacks. Let’s take stock and see what are the best tips to follow if you want to embark on this adventure on your own.

Self-build swimming pools: what you need to know before you start

Do not jump into the water who wants because at the end of the work (if you get to the end) disillusionment can be many. Here are some useful tips to take into account before tackling the construction work of your swimming pool without calling in a professional.

  • Start by performing the administrative procedures which are essential when you want to build your swimming pool. You go to the town hall of your municipality in order to know the obligations to which you must comply, depending on the case, such as for example the filing of an application for a building permit or a request for prior authorization of work.
  • Get serious about the construction techniques in order to have understood them well when the time comes.
  • Establish a location plan so that the swimming pool is perfectly oriented and that the project is coherent.
  • Demonstrate flawless organization.
  • Establish a schedule and stick to it which means being very rigorous.
  • Seriously manage deliveries.
  • Have enough free time so that the site does not drag on too long, so that you can swim on sunny days. Taking time off is strongly recommended because it allows us to respect the schedule we have set.
  • Be able to use all equipment necessary but also to drive or handle the gear earthworks which are essential.
  • Plan well in advance for the contribution of friends, neighbors or family members sufficiently invested in the project to provide valuable assistance if needed.

The major advice to take into account is to only embark on the self-construction of your swimming pool if you are really capable of it. So it is not enough to be courageous or to have enough free time. The whole project can be seriously compromised if we know absolutely nothing about it, go blindly, and make a fatal mistake.

Building your own swimming pool: the advantages

While many homeowners are tempted by autonomous construction of their swimming pool this is because it has serious advantages, namely:

  • The budget to devote to the project is much lower that if we called on a pool specialist since we save on the cost of labor but also on the charges invoiced by the craftsman (which is quite normal). For example, for a swimming pool project whose final cost is between € 20,000 and € 25,000, we can save a more than tidy sum of around € 12,000, and sometimes even the price of a professional. is divided by three. This leaves plenty of time to develop nicely the surroundings of its aquatic space in order to create a dream environment. This advantage is by far judged The most important by individuals.
  • Being able to create a swimming pool absolutely unique, perfectly meeting the family’s tastes and needs. Being totally free to choose is a galvanizing factor and it is one of the main reasons which push individuals to opt for the self-construction of their swimming pool.
  • The schedule is set according to everyone’s schedule. We can therefore carry out our project at his own pace.
  • Once the work is completed, we have necessarily acquired a good experience and we then have a perfect knowledge of the entire installation, which makes it possible to intervene without hesitation in the event of a hazard such as a leak or an equipment malfunction, without having to call in a professional… another saving achieved.

Finally, when the pool is built and the final result East up to expectations, the pride felt is immense. We can congratulate ourselves on having carried out this extraordinary adventure without ever having lost our initial enthusiasm. It’s a feat that deserves to be crowned …

Building a swimming pool without the help of a pro: the disadvantages

We cannot ignore that the self-construction of its swimming pool has some drawbacks, such as:

  • Theno guarantee, so that in the event of a problem we risk losing a lot of money because the expense to be incurred to repair can be significant.
  • The risk of defects are frequent such as for example collapse, cracks, badly laid tiling, poor waterproofing of the basin … There is indeed a huge margin of error since knowledge in masonry and earthworks or even in plumbing and electricity is very limited or that one has never practiced in these different fields.
  • The efforts to provide to carry out these colossal works successfully you need to be in good health because you have to be able to invest fully. It is better to have a fairly substantial tolerance threshold for fatigue, otherwise discouragement is possible … and abandonment of the site too.

So be careful if you’ve never seen a hammer up close! In this case, the project can only be carried out safely if it is entrusted to a specialist in swimming pool construction. First of all, he has all the necessary equipment and machinery and he is able to adapt the project to any type of constraint. Moreover, if we are to believe the individuals who have chosen to build their own swimming pool, it is not advisable to embark on this type of work without minimum capacity, of knowledge and practice. But if you have the profile then it is worth giving yourself a try …

Finally, today we find swimming pools kit, a lot easier to assemble yourself, and which come in various materials, sizes and shapes. Their purchase price is relatively affordable. They are therefore suitable for tight budgets and goodwill Sunday DIYers.

Photo credit: Jeremy Miles

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