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Build yourself or buy a ready-made mobile home terrace?

Build yourself or buy a ready-made mobile home terrace?

Once you have installed your mobile home, you want to add a terrace as quickly as possible. But then, when the budget allocated to this project is limited, we seriously think about building this space ourselves rather than opting for ready-to-assemble models. What is the best choice ?

Self-construction of a mobile home terrace

Today, many individuals equip themselves with a mobile home terrace, to have an additional room. In order to respect a limited budget, they are moving towards self-construction, the cheapest solution when we know that resorting to the skills and services of a professional can be very expensive, what is more, if the location has not yet been prepared to accommodate this construction, basic earthworks will still be expected. Even if the terrace of a mobile home does not need solid foundations, you will still have to have some notions in construction and masonry, without having to resort to a digger. Depending on the nature of your land, you will have to level it so that the stability and solidity of the terrace are assured, thus limiting the risk of collapse.

In addition, you will also need to free up time to take care of paperwork and administrative formalities. This is why, by weighing the pros and cons, building your own terrace is not such a good idea, since it has too many constraints and imperatives to respect. Not to mention the price of materials and the cost of the work as well as unforeseen expenses that will inevitably be added. Moreover, some people have no other option but to postpone the construction of their terrace for lack of the necessary budget and time.

A ready-made terrace

Of course, concrete paving is ideal for a patio. However, if this support is both easy and very quick to use, it is not suitable for mobile homes which, as their name suggests, are not intended to be fixed. Otherwise, the alternative is probably the most interesting is to order a mobile home terrace ready to be installed.

How it works ? Simple, semi-covered, podium or fully covered, all you have to do is define precisely the characteristics of your future terrace and you will be delivered directly to your home. You will then only have to take care of its implementation. Better, some manufacturers even offer to take care of the installation, in case you can not take care of it.

And for those who love wood, this material as noble as it is elegant, it is today the most used in the manufacture of these terraces, more particularly pine. This essence actually has a very good reputation for resisting climatic variations. However, nothing beats wood that has undergone an autoclave treatment, in compliance with the standards in force (see our post on wood or composite decks). Finally, do not hesitate to favor products made in France which is a little extra, a guarantee of quality!

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