Building a garage: do you need a permit? What regulations? What authorizations?

You don’t have a garage right now. And here you are faced with the doubt: sell the house to buy one that has a garage? Start building a garage? Would the costs of a move be higher than those of building a garage? Whatever your decision, think carefully about what the law says about construction. Each brick you want to lay can have consequences: be sure to learn about permits, regulations and authorizations.

Build a garage without any permission

When it comes to construction, there are a number of variations: city and building codes vary depending on where you are. Hence the importance of being well informed because no one is supposed to ignore the law. But if you don’t want to make any paper, or to apply to anyone, it’s possible. If the area of ​​your garage is less than 5 square meters, then you will not need to take any steps. In other cases, see below instead. And don’t forget that building a garage without any authorization when the law requires you to do so is a real violation of the town planning code. In this case, you risk seeing your work interrupted or the demolition of what you have undertaken up to now or even bringing your construction into conformity.

Build a garage thanks to a prior declaration of work

You have the size, the color, the shape of your future garage and you have only one idea in mind: to start the work. But don’t skip the steps. Even if you think your project is of little importance, it’s a safe bet that you will have to proceed with the establishment of an administrative file. What is it? The first point is whether your municipality is subject to a POS or a PLU, because you must refer to the local town planning code. If your municipality is neither subject to a POS nor a PLU, up to 20 square meters of floor space, you must make a prior declaration of work and do not need a building permit. This is also true if your municipality follows the rules of a POS or PLU. In this case, you can build up to 40 square meters of floor space. You will not be asked to file a building permit. So carefully study your local urban plan and especially do not forget to take into account the sum of the surfaces of each level, if you are considering a garage on several levels.

Is it possible to play with the limits of surfaces? Because if your plan is to build a garage of around 40 square meters, maybe you can do it twice? That is to say, start by building a first part that is not twenty square meters and then add another twenty square meters. In this specific case, you will not have to apply for a building permit. But is this really the right solution because these two steps may cost you more than if you do your garage all at once.

What does a prior declaration of work consist of?

If you are in the case where you must make a prior declaration of work, you must constitute a file with many documents. The first of these is Cerfa 13703-06. Then you will have to provide, among other things, a site plan, a ground plan, a section plan, a descriptive note, a facade plan, a representation of the external appearance, a 3D graphic document, etc.

At the end of the file submission, you should allow 1 to 2 months before receiving a return from the instructor of your file.

Build a garage with a building permit

Logically, if you are in the case of a lack of POS and PLU and your future garage exceeds 20 square meters or you live in a municipality with a POS or PLU and the floor space planned for your garage is greater than 40 square meters, then it is considered that you are starting a project of greater importance. This implies the filing of a building permit. The documents to provide for your building permit application are identical to those for a prior declaration. So get ready to fill out the Cerfa printout and provide a site plan, a ground plan, a section plan, a descriptive notice, a facade plan, a representation of the exterior appearance, a 3D graphic document, etc. Of course, the response time is longer than a prior declaration of work. You will need to allow at least 3 months of waiting before obtaining a return from the instructor of your file. This is why it is always recommended to apply for a building permit approximately 6 months before the planned date of your work.
Once the building permit agreement has been obtained, do not be too impatient, you will not be able to start your work immediately: you will have to display your precious sign indicating the nature of your work. This will allow your neighbors to learn about it. Because during a given period of time, third parties will have the opportunity to challenge your project.

Finally, know that if the addition of your future garage brings the total surface of the construction to more than 150 square meters once the work is completed, then you will have to resort to the services of an architect.