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Private jet business aviation is on the rise. The health crisis has created new opportunities for business aviation, which has conquered the hearts of businesses. Our experts give you the 10 good reasons to travel by private jet this year.

The business aviation market: a booming sector

The aviation sector has suffered the full brunt of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

Between the partial resumption of airports since the summer of 2020, the various successive lockdowns and the new health policies imposed on airlines, it is difficult to ensure regular flights again safely. Therefore, commercial aviation has observed a drop of more than 50% of its passengers during the last half of 2020.

In this general recession, how is business aviation doing?

Business flights represented between 6 and 7% of global air traffic before the health crisis. A figure that climbed to 17% in the summer of 2020 (Source: EBAA).

A dazzling recovery which can be explained by the flexibility characteristic of private aviation. Where commercial companies are slow to adapt to change, commercial companies private jet rental capitalized on the need for businessmen to fly despite the crisis.

Business aviation: 10 good reasons to travel by private jet in 2021

# 1: Guaranteed health security

On board a personal aircraft, the safety of the business flight is fully guaranteed:

– About 30 times lower contact points in a business jet than on a plane from another commercial aviation company

– Very limited number of staff on board

– Social distancing measures much more respected than during a commercial flight, even in business class

– Less contact at airports due to the lack of registration necessary for the flight

– Reduced transit zones at airports that are often less busy

# 2: Privileged comfort aboard a business jet

It goes without saying that the comfort of a business class flight on a commercial airline is second to none. But when it comes to hiring a business jet, the comfort of flight and on-board service is increased tenfold. Renting a personal plane is indeed the choice of a privileged flight experience.

# 3: Telework from your second home

Telecommuting is widely encouraged by companies, and it is likely to last. The lack of boundaries between work and leisure has repercussions on the preferred destinations for business flights. The aviation industry has seen more popularity on summer destinations than usual. Customers traveling by business jet tend to stay at their destination to telecommute.

# 4: Renting a business jet: an optimization strategy for companies Business aviation is an essential strategic instrument for companies. By choosing to have them travel aboard a business jet, they provide their businessmen with the most flexible means of traveling around the world. It is also often a way to optimize travel, which can quickly be more expensive and less rapid on a commercial flight. According to a 2016 study by the EBAA, 16,000 business aircraft rotations in Europe included at least three stopovers to their destination. It is therefore easy to understand that a more direct trip by private jet can be preferred for business flights. # 5: A tailor-made business flight

Renting a business jet is a personalized means of transport:

– Flexibility of boarding and destination areas

– Tailor-made service

– Great ability to adapt to imperatives and unforeseen events

– Greater mobility

# 6: The promising advances of electric private jets

The booming business aviation market makes it possible for private airlines to invest in the research and development of more sustainable aircraft. And the advances in this area are phenomenal. Like the VoltAero Cassio, a hybrid electric aircraft developed by the startup VoltAero, or Alice, the prototype of a responsible 100% electric private jet from Eviation, expected by 2022.

# 7: Traveling by private jet: the most reliable option in 2021 for business aviation

With the Covid-19 crisis, commercial lines have almost disappeared from the European sky. Private aviation therefore offers a solution to companies that cannot put off their business trips. Business flights will be well provided by private aviation over the coming months, unlike commercial flights which are struggling to recover from the crisis.

# 8: More Possible Routes and Business Airports for Private Jet Travel Today, hiring a business jet offers a lot of options in terms of routes and destinations. Private aviation allows you to travel to France in no less than 250 different airports or aerodromes. Across Western Europe, there are 4000 aerodromes against 350 commercial airports. # 9: Take advantage of more developed technology that respects the environment

Due to their reduced capacity and agility, private jets will be able to offer more responsible and thoughtful travel in the near future. Sustainability is today the priority of the research and development units of private airlines. This corresponds to a demand from customers and businesses but also to a global need to rethink our impact on the environment.

# 10: The rise of membership programs in business aviation

As commercial airlines see their passenger numbers shrink, businessmen are increasingly turning to private aviation, which offers more flexible fares following the health crisis. Among these adaptations, we see, for example, the appearance in the price guides of several companies of subscription cards. This follows the same principle as the membership cards developed in the United States. A model that proves once again that business aviation has rebounded in the face of the crisis to grab an opportunity in the air.

Faced with the events of 2020, private business jet customers realized that renting a business jet was a reliable and cost-effective alternative to ensure essential travel. An opportunity that the business aviation market has successfully seized and which will continue in 2021.

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