By 2021, videotape will penalize polluting vehicles in Greater Paris – EconomyMatin

For five years now, motorists entering or even crossing low-emission areas have been supposed to display the famous Crit’Air sticker on their windshields, a sticker that is supposed to give or name the right to drive there.

Polluting vehicles sanctioned

But in reality, it is for the moment only a completely theoretical measure for lack of systematic control. Of course a vehicle parked in a low emission zone that does not have a Crit’Air sticker at the level is supposed to be fined, at least in theory. But even when parked, cars that are not fortunate enough to be allowed in the area often fall through the cracks.

And those who drive there are therefore never penalized or rather their drivers. Unfortunately that blessed time, when you are not lucky enough to have a recent car, is soon over. Jean baptiste Djebbari, the Minister of Transport, has indeed announced that automated checks using cameras programmed for this specific function would start in a few months.

Check your sticker

And in the process, automatic radars will also be able to verbalize offenders even without speeding … And, this is the object of this column, to be practical, do not hope to be able to cheat by wearing a sticker other than the one to which you are entitled.

The control devices do not seek to scan the stickers, but quite simply to scan your license plate and interrogate the central file of vehicle registration documents to find out which Crit’Air sticker you are entitled to. Consequence: if you drive in Crit’Air, 4 or 5, or even without a sticker, you will have to start to worry. And if you drive Crit’Air 3, the problems will unfortunately happen soon, in 2023.

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