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We are living in an extraordinary time of collective stupidity and nonsense. A time of reversal of the senses, of loss of values. A time when men become women, women become men and it is fashionable to find that brilliant. Words no longer have any meaning, or more exactly, as in the Orwellian dystopias, the ministry of torture becomes that of love, war becomes peace and the dismissal plan becomes the plan to “safeguard” job but not yours.

In this world, there are big ones, those of the good camps, those who know better than you what to think, what you are allowed to think, or still to do. In this world, there are codes.

For example, in the world of mad finance, every day “big” pension funds target more or less fragile companies, and like vultures pounce on their prey.

They short sell a company’s securities. They don’t have these titles.

The short sale is to sell today to a buyer at the current price a security that I do not have, but that I hope to buy back in a few days cheaper! How? ‘Or’ What ?

Simple, I just have to sell more stocks of a value even if I don’t have any …

The more I sell of what I don’t have, the lower the price.

Remarkable isn’t it?

And the best thing is that it works for a share, but also for a currency, or even the debt of a State!

Ask the English whose attack by Georges Soros on the British Pound in the early 1990s has remained in the annals of the stock market. Ask the Greeks of the 2011s who saw their country’s debt attacked and rates soar.

When the big guys attack, when they break values, countries, or currencies, it’s normal.

It’s the law of the market, my poor lady!

But when they get caught in their own trap by hordes of Internet users, then there, they release the funny squeak and start squealing like the piglets they usually are.

Hedge funds complain about being targeted

Here’s what Reuters says: “The buying frenzy of individual investors observed on Wall Street has created distortions in the markets,” declared Monday the main international federation of managers of so-called “alternative” funds, which is concerned about the political support enjoyed by this movement .

Thousands of individual investors coordinated through online discussion forums caused the prices of struggling companies like GameStop to soar last week, which were targeted by short-selling hedge funds. On Monday, the price of silver, their new focus, gained more than 10%.

“What’s dangerous about this frenzy of trading is that individual investors are pushing prices so much above a healthy valuation and many of them are going to take losses,” President of the AIMA (Alternative Investment Management Association), Jack Inglis, in a letter to its members, who bring together some $ 2 trillion in assets under management ”.

It is true that when these serious people speculate on the fall or the rise, it is to find the right valuation of the underlying asset!

It’s never to earn money!

Take us for hams holds!


This press release from the Finternational edition of fund managers allowed me to have my 20 minutes of laughter of the day which is a good thing before that damn 6pm curfew…. Who pisses everyone off except the virus.

The Federation of Fund Managers even considers that “What we have witnessed for the past week is a game which has led to a gross distortion of the efficient functioning of the market as well as of the sincere fixing of prices” !

Hahahahahahahaha …

Hooo, the poor calimeros, it is so sad, they suffer a gross distortion in the fixing of the prices which is no longer sincere !!

In fact, they have just been screwed by thousands of small carriers who have just played the same game.

We are millions, we are legions.

They draw their strength only from our weaknesses.

These financial sharks are useless.

Let them go and join the cemeteries of speculators.

If you want to join the pack, just for fun, you have to go buy some silver. I was talking about it here yesterday.

Silver price, the new target of forums !!

It doesn’t matter how much you love money, it’s going to cost a lot of money for all those ugly speculators who for years have been gorging themselves on peoples, countries, people, businesses and real life.

It will ruin them because they sold short some silver that they didn’t have!

And when you have to deliver what you have sold, you are ready to buy back what you don’t have at a high price!

Once the silver is worth gold, it will be necessary to bring down the short sellers in the gold market.

Clearly, the year 2021 promises to be a remarkable year.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !

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