Can we finance a swimming pool in a mortgage?

Buy a house and add a swimming pool? All owners want to say yes, not only to take advantage of the sunny days, but also to give value to their main or secondary residence or rental investment.

So, can you finance a swimming pool as part of your mortgage? Do not swim in murky waters, we give you all the elements to answer the question.

The swimming pool, a property or furniture?

The distinction between movable and immovable is simpler than it appears. Indeed, a property is attached to the building, that is to say it is an inseparable element of the building. On the contrary, a movable good is not attached to the frame, in the sense that it is “detachable”, that is to say dissociable from the frame.

To illustrate this situation, the example of the swimming pool is relevant and will have all its importance in terms of the type of loan that can be granted. So a inground or inground pool is a inseparable element the frame (you cannot take it with you when moving). On the contrary, a above ground pool is removable and easily transportable, it is a dissociable element the frame (you can take it in spare parts when moving).

To put it simply, an inground pool can be financed through your mortgage, unlike a pool kit. But some subtleties that we will see remain …

The swimming pool financed with the main mortgage

The definition of movable or immovable property is particularly important here. It is therefore possible, if your swimming pool is considered real estate, that is to say inseparable from your renovation or your construction, to finance it through a mortgage.

Two situations are possible:

  • You take out the initial mortgage : like an equipped kitchen or an integrated bathroom, the inground, inground, semi-inground swimming pool, can be included in your mortgage, regardless of its estimated price
  • Your mortgage is already in place and you want to finance your swimming pool: the mortgage is only possible for a swimming pool whose value is greater than or equal to 75,000 euros

In other cases, you will have to finance your swimming pool through a consumer loan, called a personal loan assigned to work …

The swimming pool as a work loan

If your swimming pool has not been financed upon taking out the mortgage, if its value is less than 75,000 euros or if it is an above ground swimming pool, you will have the choice between finance its construction or its acquisition using your savings or a ready for consumption.

The so-called “affected” consumer loan concerns swimming pools, especially if they are inground or semi-buried, because their value is significant. You can then take a work loan, in addition to your mortgage, to finance your swimming pool project.

If, on the contrary, it is an above ground pool or a kit of a lower value (not exceeding 10,000 euros), it will be preferable to finance it by yourself or through a loan. for personal consumption, less protective but also less expensive in the short term.

The advantages of a mortgage loan to finance your swimming pool

The mortgage, unlike the personal loan, offers particularly attractive interest rates as well as loan conditions generally more interesting.

It also allows you to have only one loan to finance your entire house (purchase, renovation, extension) and simplify your budget: a single monthly payment, a single borrowing period, a global loan and therefore a mastery of your entries and exits.

If the acquisition of your pool is born out of a desire after the purchase, either because your family has grown or your finances have changed, you can consider the following two possibilities:

  • Finance your swimming pool with a work loan (affected personal loan)
  • Finance your swimming pool with a mortgage repurchase

This last solution allows you to have only one mortgage, including swimming pool, and to take advantage of current interest rates. This is a relevant option, especially if interest rates are falling or if your income has increased, giving you a comfortable margin for negotiation with lending institutions.

Simulate the integration of your swimming pool in a mortgage

Whether you already own your home or plan to become one, acquiring a swimming pool has a significant cost, even though construction techniques have evolved and prices have become more affordable.

You will need about 8,000 euros for a pool kit and 15,000 to 50,000 euros for an in-ground pool. Whatever you choose, now is the perfect time to compare bank loan offers, whether it is an initial loan or a mortgage repurchase.

For the acquisition or the construction of your swimming pool, integrated or not in your mortgage, we advise you to carry out an online simulation in order to find your swimming pool mortgage ideal: the best financing at the best market rate.

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