Can we insure a cat without a health check?

Providing a health check is one of the conditions required by companies when you want to take out a health insurance contract for your cat. This allows insurers not to take the risk of covering an animal that is already sick when it becomes a member. To prove that his little feline is in good health, his master must therefore provide a certificate established by a veterinarian. But, in the pet health insurance industry, competition is so fierce that some companies agree to insure a cat without a health check. What exactly is it?

What does a cat’s health check indicate?

As its name suggests, this is the assessment carried out by a veterinarian after having carried out a whole series of tests and examinations allowing to check health of the animal that is reviewed so that everything is notified.

  • Skin and coat,
  • Body temperature,
  • Teeth, eyes, ears,
  • Arterial pressure,
  • Lungs and heart examined by stethoscope,
  • Abdominal area,
  • Joints …

Of Additional tests can be done as a blood test, a urinalysis, an ophthalmic workup, an examination of the ear canal and the eardrum, or even in case of suspicion, an imaging test and many others.

The health check should not be neglected and it is recommended to ensure that it is carried out at regular intervals. In addition, it allows the owner to be notified of the examinations or care that his cat should receive when an anomaly has been detected.

Given the amount of information it provides, this report is very interesting for animal insurers who can therefore refuse the contract request if the cat is sick or apply a premium, which can significantly increase the price of the insurance policy.

How to find cat insurance without a health check?

In order not to spend his time canvassing pet insurance companies, the master has every interest in using a comparator of mutual health insurance for cats. Thanks to this free and reliable tool, he can target his research and receive many proposals from different insurers very quickly and without obligation. Because there are indeed companies that agree to cover cats without requiring a health check at the time of signing the contract.

These companies have the philosophy of establishing a trust with their clients. On the other hand, it seems that all these professionals impose two conditions, namely on the one hand that the cat is identified either by watermark or by transponder, that is to say by electronic chip. On the other hand, when the cat was collected after having been find and that his master is therefore unaware of his medical history, in this case the insurers require:

  • That the animal is vaccinated,
  • That its owner do everything in its power to have it identified as quickly as possible if it has not already been done.

These are the only two conditions. These insurance companies that offer contracts without a health check can, however, advise the owner of the found animal to make an appointment with the veterinarian so that he can perform a first control visit.

You should know that you can also insure a sick cat, but generally veterinary care related to an existing pathology may not be covered. As to exclusions – which can be learned by reading the general conditions of a contract – they include certain pathologies including congenital or hereditary diseases. It is therefore important for the owner of the animal to know before taking out the state of health of the cat he has found.

Finally, it should also be noted that some health mutuals still ask the owner of the animal to write a sworn statement specifying that their cat is in good health. Beware of false statements!