Can you teach your cat to use the toilet?

You can teach your cat a lot of things even that it doesn’t need, like using the toilets of its owners. Not concerned about the discomfort that this can generate in their little companion, some owners want to save money and get rid of the chore of cleaning the litter box. When you adopt a small feline, the goal is not to turn it into a circus animal. Anyway, let’s first try to answer the question asked but also take stock of the dangers associated with the use of the toilet by a cat.

Why do some owners force their cat to use the toilet?

At a time when a aberration succeeds another, we are no longer surprised at anything, such as seeing the family’s toilets replace the cat litter. It is a new fashion which appeals to more and more masters for the following reasons:

  • Completely remove the cat toilet because it is not very glamorous,
  • Free up space in the home,
  • No longer having to endure bad smells when the cat urinates and defecates in its litter box,
  • Get rid of the chore of cleaning the litter box,
  • No longer see these grains in the house that the cat disperses after having scratched to hide his excrement,
  • Make substantial savings by no longer buying litter bags,
  • Reduce the pollution generated by the used litter that is thrown away.

If this fed up is considerable, the best way to stop the cat from using litter is to open the door or window for it when it wants to go out or, better, to install a cat flap so that it go do her business outside when she wants to.

Why shouldn’t you teach your cat to use the toilet?

No cat spontaneously uses its owners’ toilets. For him to succeed, he must be taught it and it is often against his will, at the price of one stress who can have a serious impact on animal health. In addition, it does not correspond to the functioning of the cat who, with his urine, marks his territory. The toilets do not meet his basic needs.

If, despite everything, we want to push thehumanization from your cat to its peak, it is possible to buy a specific kit for a hundred euros. The designers understood it well, this type of accessory can sell very well, and their commercial argument hits the mark with many people who think of making their kitty a “member of the family”. The kit is therefore intended for change your cat’s behavior and should eventually make the animal lose the instinct to bury its droppings … Boasted to eliminate the inconvenience associated with litter maintenance, this kit is therefore well and truly designed in the interests of owners.

And in fact, pushing your cat to go to the toilet is frowned upon by many animal behavior specialists, unanimous as to the modifications that this entails on the very nature of the small feline. This act is absolutely not instinctive, but in addition the cat is forced to adopt a position qualified as unnatural.

What the masters of this stupid concept ignore is that the cat sitting on the toilet seat adopts a dangerous position, especially since it is on slippery material. The risks of falls are numerous and it only takes once for the kitty to remain traumatized for life. The consequences are extremely serious since the cat can develop a total aversion to any form of litter. Each episode of elimination of urine and / or feces is then disturbed. This leads, among other things, to urine retention which increases the risk of urinary tract infections and whose consequences on health are inevitable, in the bladder but also in the kidneys.

Why is it dangerous to humanize your cat?

They are already sharing their bed with their cat, which is neither hygienic nor correlated with the instinctive needs of the kitty, so some owners are trying to teach their little feline to do their business in the toilet. Besides the sanitary problems that this causes because the cat can thus transmit many diseases to humans, the question arises of the respect for the animal. Today we have come to over-humanize our kitties and it’s interesting to ask who benefits from the crime. Not to the cat, in any case since making him use the toilet is absolutely unnatural and, as we have seen previously, dangerous for his mental and physical health.

Of course, you can always get some satisfactory results by dint of insistence, but it will always be to the detriment of the little feline. This absolutely useless learning also tends to generate stress additional in an animal that is already easily anxious. Remember that stress can lead to behavior problems and psychosomatic illnesses. All the same, letting your cat do his business outside or providing him with a litter box ethics. Welcoming a cat into its home means committing to assume its responsibilities and do everything possible to ensure that it lives happily, but certainly not to make it a human clone.

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