Canadian doctors recommend wearing a mask when doing ‘sex’

“Sex could have been complicated during the COVID-19 era, especially for those with a partner who was not in the same house or a partner at high risk of infection.“- Dr. Theresa Tam, head of Public Health Canada, gave advice on September 2.

According to Dr. Tam, sexual health is part of a person’s overall health. “You can reduce the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus by skipping kissing, avoiding face, wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose when having sex. You should monitor your own health and your partner’s health first. when doing sex “- noted doctor Tam.

She also advised people to avoid using drugs to “be alert enough to make safe decisions” before “going into battle”.

According to Reuters, Canada reported nearly 130,000 cases of COVID-19, of which more than 9,100 died as of September 1 (local time). New daily infections are much lower than during the peak of the epidemic, mainly in some western Canadian provinces.

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