Cancel the debt! These 100 economists who talk rubbish? – EconomyMorning

YAKA cancel the debt, that’s what 100 economists are proposing, real ones, not granary economists like me, it’s serious, heavy, but is their proposal credible?

Credible, yes, since everything is possible, but not without consequences, and that is what must be understood.

There is no free meal.
There is never anything free.

Everything has a price.


Bad choices, mistakes, always pay off over time.

Care and medication are never free, they are paid for by social security contributions and by deductions from the wealth produced.

There are the visible costs. Simple.

There are the hidden costs. More complex to see. Care, for example, is not free, its costs are hidden and deferred. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong I’m saying it’s so.

The same goes for debt, there is only one way to “write off debts” without the consequences being too unpleasant.

This is what I explain in this video in order to shed light on the debate and citizen decision-making.

In complete freedom for everyone.

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It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !

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