Canceling animal insurance: conditions and procedure

Whether it is for your cat, your dog, your horse, your rabbit or even for your NAC (New Pets) like a ferret, a guinea pig or a parrot, you take a keen interest in the health of your animal. and the contracts that guarantee it.

Are you about to take out pet health insurance or already have an animal mutual? And you wonder how you can break your contract? It is legitimate and you are right to ask yourself the question, because animal insurance is subject to special conditions as to its termination.

It is therefore important to know all the cases that allow you to stop your contract. You may indeed be dissatisfied with your insurance or face situations such as a move, the donation of your animal, its death or simply its running away. In which cases can you stop your engagement? And how to cancel?

End of animal insurance contract, which cases are provided for by law?

Cancellation on anniversary date

Contracts covering the health of pets have a tacit renewal period of one year. This means that you can cancel it every year, subject to certain deadlines.

Please note, you should check the anniversary date of your contract. For some insurers, this is the subscription date, for others, it is the expiration date set by the organization, for example December 31 or March 31 of each year.

In all cases, do not forget to anticipate the cancellation by sending the cancellation request sufficiently early to your insurer. You need it notify 2 months before the expiry date of your contract, preferably by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Focus on the Hamon law

Coming into force in 2015, the Hamon law offers the insured the possibility of terminating his contract within one month, justifying being insured elsewhere. However, this law is reserved only for property insurance contracts, namely auto, motorcycle and home. It therefore does not apply to personal insurance and does not allow termination of your pet contract.

Focus on the Châtel law

In the event of an error on the part of your insurer, the Châtel law allows you to terminate your contract at the last moment, or almost. In practice, it requires the insurer to notify you at least 15 days before the termination deadline by sending you your notice of expiry. Consequently, if he has not notified you, you can send him a termination letter at any time to terminate your contract, with effect within one month.

Termination for other reasons

Termination during the year

You remain free to terminate at any time without any reason. However, termination fees will be at your expense : you will have to pay the sum corresponding to what you would have paid until the due date. This option is therefore of little interest, except to find a very attractive promotional offer from another insurer. You will have little recourse to it, because there are many other reasons for termination, free of charge …

The transfer, loss or theft of your animal

For personal or professional reasons, or simply for the happiness of your pet, you may be required to transfer it to a third party for free or for a fee. Unfortunately, it can also happen that you lose your pet because it has fled or been stolen. In this case, you will need provide supporting documents to your insurer, such as an assignment contract, filing a complaint or a sworn statement.

Death of the animal or death of the owner

This is unfortunately a fairly frequent case of termination. To cancel health insurance if your animal is deceased, you must attach a veterinary certificate confirming his death or cremation. In the event of the death of the owner of the animal, the heirs can also terminate the contract by providing the death certificate of the owner.


You should always inform your insurer of any changes in circumstances affecting your household. If your move results in a substantial increase in premium, or if you move abroad and your insurer can no longer cover you, you generally have the option of terminating by providing proof.

In all cases and whatever the reason used to terminate your contract, refer to its general and specific conditions for the reasons and terms of termination that apply.

My pet’s contract is terminated, I want to take out a new one!

If you have terminated with the attention of taking out a better contract, this is an excellent initiative: it will allow you to better protect your animal. Take the opportunity to take stock of their health needs and your budget.

In order to find the best possible offer to ensure the health of your companion, we recommend that you do an online simulation to find the insurance contract that really suits you.

Remember that older pets are more difficult to insure, and insurance often costs more. So, fill out our online form without delay to have the opportunity to compare the guarantees without stress and without obligation.

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