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A trend that has returned with strength lately are candy colors, or pastel tones as they are also known. We are talking about a color palette inspired by sweets, as the name suggests. Therefore, simplicity, romanticism, delicacy and femininity transpire both the decoration and the looks.

Candy colors even suggested in the 1950s, due to the end of the war in the United States, bringing an air of hope to the new times. And from that, they have increasingly conquered their space, both in the world of fashion and beauty, as in decoration. Despite being a timeless trend, candy colors are very much in evidence recently, both on the catwalks and in everyday life.

They are perfect for giving the lightest look and can combine with various styles. And they are present in clothes, accessories, hair dyes, nail polishes, makeup and etc. They are democratic colors that can be used by everyone, according to their style.

Therefore, today we will learn more about the trend of candy colors and how it is present in fashion.

Candy Colors


If, when you encounter pastel tones, you immediately remember cuddly candies, this is no accident. After all, candy colors, in literal translation means sweet colors, are really inspired by sweets. This is precisely why these colors show delicacy, romanticism and a tone of innocence.

Candy colors have never gone out of style, however, they are appearing more and more on fashion catwalks all over the world. It was even one of the recent bets of great brands, like Chanel, Chloé and Brando Maxwell. In this way, the colorful and light tones came back strongly and today it is possible to see their impact everywhere.

These shades go well with everything, and are often seen in monochromatic suits, tailoring, skirts, dresses, accessories and everything else that is possible.

And best of all, they are easy colors to make combinations, they can be used with other pastels and even with strong colors. A single piece or accessory in pastel tone can give a whole new meaning to the production.


Candy colors palette

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So, let’s get to know each of the colors in the candy color palette better. This palette shows the 6 main candy colors that are in evidence. There are others besides these, but they are just variations of them.

Pastel yellow

Starting with yellow, which is usually a vibrant and strong color, but which has gained a clear and very delicate version, which is pastel yellow. This tone is present in various accessories and clothes, being a great option for those looking to adopt a delicate look, but at the same time ambitious.


Mint is somewhere between blue and pastel green. The mixture of the two colors generated a third that is very popular, both in fashion and decoration. Because it is a light tone, it is very easy to make combinations, it can be the focus of the look as well as the icing on the cake, used to highlight the look.

Blue serenity

Blue serenity, not by chance. Much like the traditional baby blue, serenity blue is an option for those looking to convey tranquility, in addition to making the look much more charming.


This is another tone that has become very popular lately. Nude is one of the most versatile colors that exist, combining with all styles, but fitting very well in the most social looks and accessories, such as bags and scarves.

Pastel pink

Very close to baby pink, pastel pink stands out for being a light, delicate color that never goes out of style. It is a great option to mix with vintage looks that exude femininity. But in addition, it is perfect for more modern compositions.


To finish the palette of candy colors, lilac, a lighter shade of vibrant purple. This color is the face of summer and sunny days. Lilac can transform any look, being a perfect combination to blend with neutral tones and maintain a balanced palette.

Trendy Candy Colors


So, if you want to include candy colors in your style, the tip is to start slowly. That is, including an accessory or other, such as shoes and bags, until it takes on a totally pastel look. Thus, you achieve a romantic and delicate look, but without drawing too much attention to your palette.

Another bet is the dresses in pastel colors, which combined with accessories besides the palette form a good combination. You can mix pastel tones with off white colors, such as white, navy blue and even jeans. All this to create a harmonious look, without losing its delicacy.

A trend that knew how to take advantage of the candy color palette was street style. The proposals include pastel tones without losing the originality and personality that everyday looks demand.

Accessories are essential, and come with a subtle and romantic identity, drawing attention to ribbons, bows, scarves, ruffles, drapes and pleats. Besides, of course, bringing modernity to pieces in pastel colors.

In addition to the pieces, shoes and accessories, candy colors also won the enamel. That is, the candy colors are here to stay and are present in the looks from head to toe.


And to finish, we selected a list of looks in candy colors to inspire you to combine the tones in your own style. And as previously said, pastel tones match all styles, just find out how best fits yours.

Anyway, what did you think of this article? In fact, take the opportunity to also check out the neon colors on the rise.

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