Cannabis: the French largely in favor of legalization

It is a total disavowal of the repressive policy pursued by France for decades concerning recreational cannabis … and a disavowal for the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, fiercely opposed to legalization or decriminalization. The citizen consultation on the subject ended with a very large majority of respondents in favor of an evolution of the legislation on recreational cannabis.

80% of respondents in favor of legalization

The citizen consultation is not a survey, and that could be the argument to attack its results. No sorting in the responses is carried out to make a representative sample … but the results speak for themselves: 80% of respondents, out of nearly 250,000 responses, say they are in favor of some form of legalization of recreational cannabis … and 13.8% of decriminalization, which would be a minimum legalization since possession and consumption would no longer be sanctioned or else by a simple administrative fine.

Opponents of cannabis are therefore very much in the minority: 4.6% of respondents advocate an even harder line while 0.8% believe that the legislation in force should be maintained.

Ineffective legislation according to the rapporteur

For Caroline Janvier, LREM MP and rapporteur for the recreational component of this citizen consultation, it’s simple: “ We now know that the legalization of cannabis is no longer a taboo in France and that our fellow citizens are aware of the ineffectiveness of the current legislation in this area », She wrote in a press release published on March 1, 2021. A hard blow for Gérald Darmanin who, on Twitter, never ceases to congratulate the small daily catches of the police officers and gendarmes, in operations denounced by some as much too expensive for the results obtained.

However, the evolution of the vision of cannabis is not surprising: despite a very repressive policy, consumption in France is the highest in the European Union. And many countries, especially American states, have legalized with eloquent results including significant economic income.

The economic aspect could be a real lever to make the legislation evolve towards an official and legal market: the Covid debt being gigantic, the government could see in the legalization of cannabis a way of recovering tens of billions of euros in taxes … and revive tourism.