Car repairs: beware of overly greedy garage owners

If there are many traders who are not familiar with the crisis, it is garage owners and auto repair centers. As the government keeps repeating that it is in France that you have to take your vacation, millions of French people have all at the same time put their cars in overhaul. In places, there is a 3 week waiting period.

Garages who offer car repairs that are not necessarily necessary

This is where the trouble can start. When you are addicted, need something by a certain date, some may be tempted to take advantage of it. It is tempting to insist on replacing the coolant in addition to changing the engine oil., because “it would be a shame to get stranded on the side of the highway because the car cools badly when it’s hot”.

It is tempting to convince the customer to change the brake discs in addition to the pads “Because they really need it”. And too bad if you don’t know. It is even more tempting to convince the customer to replace a safety part with an original manufacturer part, rather than with a perfectly approved but less expensive original equipment manufacturer part, by telling him that these parts “are less good”, “Sometimes have flaws”, and “that we do not sell more expensive parts to make money on the backs of customers”.

Auto centers that abuse their customers

All this is not made up, I heard it as you hear me, from the mouth of a Speedy center manager not to name him. Obviously, the commercial discounts granted by the manufacturers on their parts are optimal. They sometimes exceed 50%.

This is the other side of the coin for auto centers: unlike your little mechanic whom you know and who knows you, and wants to keep you as a customer; in the auto center, you are one of many anonymous customers. The promise of tight prices is only a promise. Their favorite sport is up-selling. And it can be elegant or forced.