Car wash: prepaid card prices on the rise

I finished last week with a rant, I’m starting this week with another, let’s not sulk.

Different car wash card readers

There are tens of millions of us who have a prepaid wash card stored in our car pocket. It is very practical, but also economical: washing is always cheaper with a card, rather than bought individually. But it works if we don’t change the rules of the game unilaterally.

Rant of the day therefore against the BP network, alias British Petroleum. The brand obviously sold its washing stations to a partner, who changed all the card reader devices. In theory, there is nothing to panic: just go to the cash register to exchange your old BP card, for one from the new car wash dealer.

Automatic washing: rising prices

Except that when choosing your program, it’s the hammer blow. The price of the cheapest roller washes has simply doubled from the price previously charged. In other words, my card, which allowed me to wash my car ten times, has lost half of its value or of its purchasing power, because the proposed washing is exactly the same, it is the same device as before.

If you hadn’t understood what inflation is, this story is a prime example. Let’s just hope this remains an isolated case. In the meantime, I dare to hijack the slogan of another network of gas stations: for sure, once I have finished my washing card, I no longer risk returning to BP, even by chance.

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