Carrefour pinned for restrictive competition practices

Carrefour will have to pay a fine of 1.75 million euros for “practices restricting competition” noted by the DGCCRF. The brand had asked its suppliers for discounts before any commercial negotiations.

In 2016, Carrefour demanded from its suppliers, before any opening of commercial negotiations, a ” additional distribution discount ”, According to the survey of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF). However, the Ministry of the Economy is clear on this point: “ commercial negotiations can only be initiated on the sole basis of the supplier’s general terms and conditions of sale “. This is the reason why the Paris Commercial Court fined Carrefour, the sign will have to pay 1.75 million euros, including in the event of an appeal.

A fine of 1.75 million euros for Carrefour

The large distribution group has worsened its case with the implementation of retaliatory measures comprising a graduated scale of sanctions: a device ” widely “Implemented, reproaches Bercy. On the other hand, the commercial court took into account the fact that the intervention of the DGCCRF in the premises of the sign prevented Carrefour from recovering the entire expected amount of the rebate. The facts also took place before the implementation of the Sapin 2 law, which increased the ceiling for fines incurred.

Abusive business practices

This is not the first time that a supermarket chain has been targeted by an investigation by the Directorate General for the Repression of Fraud in 2021: last month, Intermarché was subpoenaed because of abusive commercial practices from its international purchasing centers. And the penalty may be much more salty than for Carrefour, Bercy claiming no less than 150.75 million euros!