Carrefour: the Moonway balance bike cannot be used (except at home)

The Carrefour brand has announced the arrival of a promotion which, with the sunny days, could well attract many customers: an electric balance bike at 199 euros, or 50 euros of promotion for a limited time. But if Carrefour has the right to sell it… you won’t really have the right to use it.

The Moonway balance bike is not approved

Normally sold at 249 euros at other brands, the Moonway balance bike will display a promotion of 50 euros at Carrefour from June 22, 2021, date of the start of sales, to July 5, 2021. After this period, Carrefour will align itself with the prices posted elsewhere.

The case may seem interesting … but there is one thing buyers might not know: the Moonway balance bike is not suitable for use on public roads, whether on the road, sidewalks or bicycle lanes. The reason ? It is not approved.

With a maximum speed of 25 km / h, a motor of 360 Watts and, above all, from a seat, the balance bike is not a scooter but… a moped, according to the Highway Code. In fact, it must be registered and approved. However, it has no approval and therefore cannot be used outside private land, recalls 60 million consumers.

In the event of an accident … no insurance covers you

Carrefour underlines, in its conditions of sale, “ this product must be used only on private roads and spaces “, so that the sale is completely authorized. But what buyers may not know are the consequences of such a purchase. Starting with the risk of a fine in the event of a control by the authorities.

But the tragedy can occur in the event of an accident: since it is not approved, the balance bike is not insured when it is on public roads, including by civil insurance which covers, for example, bicycle accidents. If the user is injured, or worse injures a third party, the costs and compensation will therefore be borne by him.

And beware: this situation does not only concern the Moonway balance bike sold by Carrefour. The majority of balance bikes are unusable on public roads because they are not approved. Some approved models (and which require an AM license and specific insurance) are commercially available at much higher prices, nearly 1,000 euros.