Carry out your Cloud project thanks to the FinOps approach – EconomieMatin

Carrying out digital transformation is a strategic subject that concerns all companies. In this context, the use of Cloud Computing occupies a central place in this movement and contributes greatly to accelerating the digitalization of business management operations. If the contribution of Cloud Computing is undeniable in terms of digital transformation, flexibility and speed of implementation, a question still remains relevant. How to effectively manage the costs associated with its use?

On this subject, many companies and organizations have not yet been able to find a concrete answer to this essential point.

Do not focus on the technical aspects of the Cloud only

As we have seen, the use of Cloud Computing is now widespread and will continue to grow in the coming years. If we can be happy with this observation, we must now allow users to control more precisely the costs associated with these operations. In this sense, having full visibility of your fleet and the expenses incurred is a necessity.. On this point, a new approach is growing strongly today: Finops.

But what exactly is Finops?

Contracting the words finance and operations, Finops consists of knowing and optimizing the costs linked to the use of Cloud Computing. Indeed, this subject can quickly become particularly complex, especially for companies that are very large consumers of Cloud. Let us not forget that there is not a single cloud, but many clouds and that it is fundamental to be able to have an overview to set up at the right cost an infrastructure that meets its needs. While one of the objectives to be achieved is certainly to achieve savings on the costs incurred, the real challenge is to rely on an infrastructure sized to meet user expectations, in order to avoid waste and use resources. the most suitable and at the best price.

Set up an adapted organization

Carrying out a Finops approach requires deploying a dedicated organization that will take into account two components: a team and tools. A Finops lead is first of all recommended to manage the project as a whole, his mission will be centered on this single objective. In addition, to enable it to access the right information, produce metrics and make the right choices, it will have to rely centrally on precise, real-time and reliable information. On this point, it is clear that such an approach can only go through an industrialization of this task.

One thing is certain, managing your Cloud Computing projects cannot be done without mastering the financial aspects linked to these implementations. Aware of this fact, Cloud users are now turning massively to the Finops approach to carry out their projects. In view of these elements, we should therefore see the notion of Finops gain in strength and become a must in the launch of Cloud Computing projects in the coming years.