Cars at 30 euros minimum price? It’s happening in Monaco – EconomyMorning

Do you need to change your car, or take a two-wheeler, and don’t have the money to make a significant investment? The municipality of Monaco is here to help you: in March 2021, it is auctioning off the cars from its pound. And the price is very low.

Auctions that start at 30 euros for cars?

We know that when we hear about Monaco we can see the sun directly, the beach… and the great fortunes with their luxury cars costing several hundred thousand euros each. Unfortunately, none are listed in the auctions announced by the municipality of Monaco and which take place at the beginning of March 2021. Either Monaco tried everything to find the rich owners, or the sale was carried out differently. Unless the vehicles were added to the Prince’s collection?

Because it should be noted that these auctions are those of impounded vehicles and that the owners have never claimed. Monegasque, French or Swiss owners. And there is everything: a Renault Clio from 1993, a Peugeot 206 from 2004 and even a Toyota IQ from 2009 and a Renault Twizy from 2014, for example. The list is available here:

No luxury car, therefore, and no extremely recent models. But at the floor price of 30 euros, the lot will be awarded to the highest bidder, there is no reason to be offended.

Two-wheelers and even scooters to buy

If for cars, the minimum bid to participate in the auction, which Covid-19 requires takes place only by mail, is 30 euros, it is even lower for two-wheelers on which it is possible to bid from from 15 euros. Of course, for each lot it is possible to make several offers. As for scooters, there does not seem to be a floor price. Be careful, however: the cars thus purchased, warns the municipality of Monaco, could be complicated to register, no registration card being provided.

Offers must reach the Monegasque administration before Friday March 19, 2021. For the closest, it is possible to go see the vehicles in question the week of March 8, 2021. For others, it will be blind auctions.