Cat dewormer: which is the most effective?

The deworming is essential for the good health of the cat and it should start when the kitten is only 21 days old. It is of course necessary to use a product perfectly adapted to the animal, and the best and to speak about it to the veterinarian because one does not buy a dewormer blindly. Let’s see what are the different forms of dewormer for cats and what are the selection criteria.

Worming your cat: frequency of treatment

The digestive tract of a cat is exposed every day to risk of infestation by intestinal parasites. Deworming your little feline is therefore essential for the animal but also for the humans who live in its surroundings because it can transmit its worms to them. The deworming of a cat is therefore a public health issue, and the recommended frequency is 2-4 times a year.

For example, a cat that spends a lot of time outdoors should be treated quarterly. But even if he never puts his muzzle outside, a cat must also benefit from this antiparasitic treatment. It is essential to take care of this because intestinal worms cause various disorders and their health consequences cats and humans (especially children) can be serious.

Choosing a dewormer for cats: selection criteria

There are different kinds of dewormers, some are particularly suitable for kittens, others for pregnant or lactating cats. Only the veterinarian knows which product is best to administer to his little patient. All dewormers sold in France are efficient. But deworming involves the purchase of a product perfectly adapted to the animal. To choose well, you must therefore take precautions.

The criteria to consider before buying a dewormer are as follows:

  • The age of the cat,
  • Its weight because the dosage is often dependent on this criterion,
  • His lifestyle,
  • His state of health, knowing that we treat differently against worms a kitten, an adult cat, an elderly cat, a lactating or pregnant cat, a sick cat,
  • The type of worms to eliminate since they can be round worms or tapeworms,
  • The importance of infestation by intestinal parasites.

A consultation with the veterinarian is recommended so that the master can be advised. Thus his cat will be able to benefit from the most effective dewormer for him.

Treating intestinal parasites in cats: choosing the best dewormer

Dewormer for kittens and cats comes in different forms, the most common of which are:

  • The dewormer tablet for internal use, which can be concealed in cat food,
  • The dewormer in pipette, for external use only,
  • The dewormer in oral solution for internal use, to be given as is or to be integrated into the diet.

Many owners prefer to opt for the one in a pipette rather than a tablet because the latter is not easy to make a cat swallow, even if it is breakable or if it has a meaty taste, a frequent solution which tends to make it easier to take the treatment. Faced with a recalcitrant kitty, we can obviously hide a vermifuge in tablet in his food, but some cats perfectly foil this type of subterfuge …

It may therefore be preferable to use a pipette dewormer which is applied to the neck of the kitty then penetrates well into the skin. When placed here, the product cannot be licked by the cat when it is washing.

As for the formula in oral solution, it seems that cats, and especially kittens, appreciate it. Its administration is simple since it suffices to place a few drops of the product in the syringe in the mouth of the cat or in its food.

Some people only want to use a deworming without chemicals. It comes in all forms, and in this category the ingredients are 100% natural. These are dewormers based onplant-based ingredients, well known for their vermicidal property, including tansy, certain ferns and even pomegranate bark.

So there is something to satisfy everyone by responding of course to the main objective: protect and / or treat the cat against intestinal parasites… It is therefore above all to the veterinarian that it is necessary to recover so that the small feline can benefit from the most suitable dewormer. The practitioner adapts the treatment case by case, takes into account the cat’s lifestyle (sedentary or rather adventurer), the action of the product (preventive or curative) and the type of worms to target of course.

Finally, in addition to giving the best dewormer to his cat, the master must not forget to simultaneously treat his little companion against fleas because they transmit parasites, especially when the animal swallows fleas while washing.