Cat harness: how to choose it? What price ?

The cat harness is a useful accessory, sometimes even essential when it comes to walking your little feline in all security or drive him to the vet for example if he does not have a transport basket. Used to his harness very early on, the cat may very well like to be taken out on a leash, and it is much more comfortable for him than the collar which tends to compress his trachea. But you must make sure to choose a harness that is perfectly suited to your cat. How to choose and how much does it cost?

Choose a harness adapted to the size of the cat

The cat harness should only be not too big, not too small although it is somewhat adjustable. On the day of purchase, it must perfectly match the size of the kitty. Too narrow, it damages the fur and worse still compresses certain body areas of the cat which is very uncomfortable. Too wide, it is not at all reassuring since the little feline can extract itself from it and take flight in less than two. The kitty then suddenly delivered to itself risks a lot and road users too if this happens during a break in the immediate vicinity of a main road …

This accessory is available in many sizes, allowing the master to choose the one that is perfectly suited to the corpulence of his little companion as well as his morphology. But in order not to be mistaken, it is still necessary to know how to take the measures of the twink because the harness is not bought at random and we do not throw ourselves on a model only because it has a fabulous look.

Three measures are therefore essential, namely:

  • The collar size : this is the circumference of the neck at the strongest point,
  • The back length of the cat: this means the birth of the tail at the back of the neck,
  • The chest circumference : this is the widest area of ​​the thorax. To take the measurements, a tape measure is passed behind the front legs and around the thorax.

If the cat has a extremely thick fur, it is necessary to bury the tape measure within the coat, otherwise the harness may be too wide. Anyway, the ideal is to opt for a adjustable harness allowing to adapt it to the measurements of the kitty if it takes a little weight or if it loses some.

Cat harness shape

8, V and H: these terms correspond to the shape of the different harnesses for cats.

The 8 harness are so named because of their shape since they are made up of two circles, one of the circles positioned at the level of the animal’s body and the other at the level of the neck. A ring is attached to the back, allowing a leash to be attached. The 8-way harness is the one most commonly found in pet stores. This is the basic model.

The H-harness is also made up of two parts (chest and back) but linked together by a third part. Its special shape is designed to minimize pressure on the cat’s neck, especially if it is quite recalcitrant when walking on a leash and tends to pull or struggle.

The V-harness has the shape of a vest consisting of two passages for the front legs of the animal. It is very comfortable, and its judicious shape eliminates any risk of hurting the cat by too much traction or pressure. Thus, the master perfectly controls his little feline without the risk of injuring him.

Cat harness closure system

No way the cat is released from its harness in a fraction of a second. To ensure the safety of the kitty, this accessory must therefore be equipped with a closing device that a cat will not be able to open. On the other hand, this should not pose any difficulty to his breeder. We therefore choose a model that is as easy to close as it is to open (by the master only).

There are three main families of harness closures, namely:

  • Cat harness with clips : made of plastic, this device is very practical and ultra quick to open and close for a human, but impossible for the cat to operate. On the other hand, we can blame it for being able to pinch the animal’s skin if we do not take care when it is closed. It is quite difficult to control if the animal is moving a lot.
  • The cat harness with hook-and-loop closure : it is a system made up of two bands Velcro which are also called Velcro straps. The closing and opening are done very quickly. However, we can blame this system for wearing out over use, so that the cat can easily come off over time, when the Velcro strips no longer grip properly.
  • Cat harness with buckle : associated with a belt with holes, the buckle has the advantage of being able to adjust the size of the harness according to that of the cat. On the other hand, it requires manipulation at the opening as at the closing which can impatient the kitty.

Better to try this system before you buy. The cat is not always very patient, it can be difficult to make it stay in place without moving while waiting for its master to buckle its harness if the closure system is not practical.

Choose the right material

All harness categories are available in different materials, each with its own specificities. It is in any case a fundamental criterion of choice because of the material depend the solidity, the durability and the comfort of this equipment. It is also a question of style, which is secondary even if it is very important for some masters.

The main materials for making cat harnesses are:

  • The cotton : natural material, cotton is comfortable, strong, easy to maintain since it can be washed, and is not the cause of any allergies. It does not create overheating on the skin.
  • The leather : apart from ultra soft (but also ultra expensive) leather, leather harnesses are not necessarily the most comfortable for cats because this material, admittedly noble, can be a little stiff.
  • Nylon : super light, the nylon harness is among the best-selling because it is resistant. However, some cats may not find it comfortable because it amplifies sweating in summer.
  • Lightweight mesh : this material protects against heat and is resistant,
  • Mesh with padding : thick and flexible but rather suitable for winter, this harness covers a large part of the back and chest of the animal like a small jacket or a waistcoat,
  • Water repellent fabric : comfortable, light, it protects the cat in the event of rain since this harness is waterproof.

You can very well buy several models of harness if you want your cat to be equipped with an accessory adapted to the weather of the day.

Price of a cat harness

The price of this accessory varies from one brand to another, but also according to its shape, its closure device and its material, and the presence or absence of reflective inlays. Thus, the price range is between € 7 for a model adapted to the kitten and € 30 for the most sophisticated harness which is also a fashion accessory. This is sought after by some owners who appreciate their cat’s style.

But no one is forced to devote a large budget to this type of equipment since for less than 17 €, you can find very good cat harnesses, solid, comfortable and safe, as the following examples show.

  • H-harness for kitten, leash included: 7 to 9 €
  • Nylon harness with leash, adjustable, clip closure: € 8
  • Vest + leash harness with reflective stickers, ultra secure closure combining scratch and clip, in flexible nylon: 14 to 17 €

It is important to take the time to compare kitty harness prices applied by the different brands because we sometimes see the prices go from single to double from one website to another. It is recommended to take advantage of the good plans of the net or the promotions carried out regularly by pet stores and other specialized stores. However, even if the price of a harness is an element that counts for the master, it is by no means the only criterion of choice because this equipment must above all be perfectly secure, comfortable and adapted to the stature of the ‘animal. If you hesitate between several models, do not hesitate to seek advice from the veterinarian.

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