Cat insurance prevention package: what is it?

Insuring your cat with a company that covers veterinary expenses is very important to take care of your little companion without spending too much money. But the choice of the formula requires reflection, especially since you can also opt for a prevention package. To do this, the owner of the animal has every interest in using a cat health insurance comparator in order to quickly receive several quotes. The prevention package is highly recommended, and let’s see what it consists of.

Cat insurance: the advantages of the prevention package

Prevention is better than cure. This is why, when you are about to insure your cat with an animal health mutual, it is very important to choose a formula that includes a prevention package or, if this is not the case, to opt for this package in addition. The expense is minimal compared to the advantages that this represents.

The prevention package allows you to be reimbursed for predictable costs, up to an amount fixed in the contract. These so-called “predictable” costs concern, for example:

  • Sterilization,
  • Vaccines,
  • Annual health checks,
  • The identification of the cat which can be done by tattooing or more often by transponder (i.e. by electronic chip),
  • Consultations with a veterinary behaviorist,
  • Acts of alternative medicine (osteopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.) as soon as they are provided by a veterinarian,
  • Antiparasitics, a category that includes, among other things, anti-tick treatments, flea and others,
  • Dewormers,
  • Certain therapeutic foods,
  • Care products including cleansing lotions for cats’ ears, eyes or even teeth,
  • Specific shampoos,
  • Accessories such as basket, collar, leash, harness purchased in a specialized store, etc.

We note that many acts can be partially covered by this package. These are acts not covered by the cat’s health insurance. Obviously, the prevention expenses must be justified by the production of invoices that the master sends to his company.

Prevention package for cat insurance: how much is it?

Cat owners are strongly encouraged to opt for a cat insurance contract and supplement it with a prevention package. This allows to take care of health of his little companion early. Indeed, if only by ensuring that your cat is vaccinated, it is much more likely to escape many diseases unlike a cat whose vaccination is not up to date. This is unfortunately what we can deplore in many cases, because veterinary procedures are expensive and dissuade many masters.

Thanks to animal insurance, health expenses can be partially or fully reimbursed, up to an annual limit. This is more or less consistent depending on the chosen formula. So there is this famous package, which is far from negligible. For information, the annual amount allocated by the insurer as part of the prevention package can be from 30 to more than 100 € for a cat. It is renewable each year as long as the animal is insured. It is therefore paid to the teacher to at least partially cover certain expenses as we have seen previously. Thus, subscribing to a comfort package supplemented by a prevention package is therefore The must in terms of health coverage for a cat.

If you want to know precisely the amount allocated under this package, which varies from one insurer to another, it suffices to resort to a health insurance comparator for cat. It is advisable to insure your little feline as soon as possible, namely from the age of 2 months, so that he can benefit from all the preventive acts that are required from this age such as identification, certain vaccines. and dewormers or if it must be fed with specific foods.

Each insurer freely concocts its prevention contract, just as it sets its rates elsewhere. It is therefore essential to request several quotes in order to compare both the scope of the guarantees and the prices of the different contracts. To do this, the process is simple, free and without obligation. Just complete a form dedicated which allows, among other things, to specify the breed of the cat, its sex, its age and then to receive offers likely to best meet its specific health needs.

A small comparative study of the various quotes received is necessary, knowing that some insurers integrate their prevention package into the health coverage formulas while others offer an independent prevention package.

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