Cat insurance prices and quotes to find the cheapest

Does your pet meet the criteria for accepting cat health insurance? What is the price of this cover?

Many cat insurance offers are available on the market complicating the choice of owners. High prices, insufficient guarantees, exclusions, waiting periods … How to find a cover reconciling attractive price and optimal guarantees? The best solution is to request multiple online cat insurance quotes. Details.

Cat insurance: what risks are covered?

The cost of cat health insurance depends first of all on the level of veterinary care compensation chosen. Reimbursements are however subject to an annual limit set by the insurer. It is important to verify this amount before signing the contract. In terms of guarantees, cat insurance can cover veterinary fees, surgery and other medical costs (x-rays, blood tests), the cost of certain drugs as well as funeral costs.

The amount of premiums for cat insurance varies depending on the insurance company and the characteristics of the animal. It is up to the owner to select the guarantees to be favored in the future contract. On average, such insurance costs between 7 and 20 euros per month. This financial investment is particularly interesting if your cat is unfortunately suffering from an illness or the victim of an accident.

Choosing the right cat insurance

Choosing the right cat insurance requires taking out cover tailored to your pet’s needs, but not only that. Indeed, you must examine several other elements and in particular the waiting period which corresponds to the interval between the date of subscription of the contract and its effective implementation. In some cases, the insurer may request the delivery of a health examination certificate for your animal. The exclusions are also important since they correspond to unsupported situations. The age of the cat is one of the most common exclusions. Cats aged 3 months to 10 years are generally preferred by insurers. Outside this age group, they are entitled to refuse your pet health insurance request. Finally, other exclusions may be provided for by the contract, such as operations without medical indication or even those of an aesthetic nature.

Compare to find the cheapest cat insurance!

To sort through the many cat insurance offers on offer and identify the cheapest one, it is advisable to use an online comparator. After filling out a form indicating the desired level of coverage and the characteristics of your animal, you get a list of contracts that match your criteria and your budget. Then, all you have to do is request several free quotes without obligation before making a final choice.

Cat insurance allows you to make significant savings and control your budget. Don’t hesitate any longer, immediately compare the offers online to find the cheapest cat insurance on the market in a few clicks.

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