Cat insurance without reimbursement limit: explanations

Taking out cat insurance is the best solution for take care of your little companion without spending a fortune. In fact, animal mutuals reimburse partially or totally the veterinary expenses incurred. There are different formulas, all of them in the vast majority of cases have a higher or lower reimbursement ceiling.

We are even starting to see the web of cat health insurance contracts with very high ceilings, but it is still extremely rare today to be offered contracts without a reimbursement ceiling unless you are a fine negotiator.

What is the reimbursement limit for cat health insurance?

This is a amount fixed annually by each insurance company, corresponding to the maximum amount that can be reimbursed by the master of the insured cat for veterinary procedures. This guarantee limit varies from one insurer to another but also from one formula to another. Logically, the more expensive the contract, the higher the reimbursement ceiling. The range is extremely wide since it is between 500 and 2,500 €. If the annual expenses exceed the reimbursement ceiling fixed in the contract, the excess remains the responsibility of the teacher.

However, today we find more and more interesting offers, animal insurers engaging in merciless competition. For now, the highest reimbursement ceiling on the market frieze them € 7,000 per year ! This is an extremely large amount that allows you to be fully reimbursed for all veterinary expenses, whether the cat is sick or has an accident.

Why insure your cat with pet health insurance?

Let’s not forget that in France, veterinary tariffs are free. Thus, for information, a deworming costs 20 to 30 €, a consultation with a veterinarian 40 € while it is necessary to pay between 200 and 250 € for a consultation with a behaviorist veterinarian. Radiotherapy raises the bill with at least € 1,500 to finance the sessions and it takes around € 500 for a surgical act to remove a tumor.

The amount to be spent on the maintenance and health of your cat is estimated at around € 1,000 per year. But it can really increase if he gets seriously ill …

How to find the health insurance that reimburses the best?

When choosing a health insurance plan for your cat, it is very important to choose a high reimbursement ceiling (failing to find a contract without a ceiling), since this guarantees better support in the event of a problem. In view of the veterinary tariffs applied in our country, in the event of illness or accident of the kitty, its owner may very quickly have to pay exorbitant sums whether for a long-term treatment or a complex surgical intervention sometimes followed by rehabilitation. Better to put all the odds on your side so as not to unbalance the household budget.

The contracts without reimbursement limit being still virtually absent from the market, it may be wise to subscribe to a company that applies the highest guarantee limit the moment to keep peace of mind no matter what. It is easy to find the best formula in a few clicks, since you just have to connect to the cat health insurance comparator and let yourself be guided. This extremely reliable tool is completely free and without any obligation.

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