Cat massage: 5 techniques to make it happy

Massaging a cat is beneficial for both animals and their owners. A true moment of relaxation and complicity, the massage is accompanied by generous purring which evacuates stress. Massaging a cat well cannot be improvised. To help you, here are 5 massage techniques that will make your cat happy.

Why massage your cat?

Massaging a cat goes further than a simple session of petting and cuddling. During the massage, the cat and its owner can both release stress but also any tensions after a difficult day or an ordeal. Massage also reassures a cat following a change of home or environment. More than a shared pleasure, massage has many benefits.

If your cat has had surgery or trauma, massage may be recommended to help with healing or reduce pain. In this case, the veterinarian will explain how to proceed so as not to hurt the animal.

Cat massage: a very gradual process

Massaging your cat gradually is essential to gain her confidence. If he’s not receptive, don’t insist. The massage should not be an unpleasant moment. If you are just starting out, you should also define the part that you can massage, and the part that will please the cat the most. Some like to have their back massaged, others their stomachs, and still others their heads.

Massages should also be done in peace and pain. Don’t rush, your cat needs time to relax and understand that you only want him well. Favor the moments when it is calm and especially those when they seek your presence. For example, if he settles down near you and starts purring, you can go for it!

Techniques for massaging your cat

Because you are not a veterinarian, or you have no training, your massages should be limited to more intense caresses. Here are 5 massage techniques to discover.

1 – Circular movements for back massages

Back massage is a great place to start. It is possible to practice this technique whether the cat is standing, sitting or lying down. Opt for circular movements that gain in intensity. Remember to massage the cat’s shoulders and sides as well. You will know immediately if your pet is up for a massage or not. If he refuses, he will simply leave.

2 – A gentle kneading to massage the cat’s belly

If your cat is lying on his back, or to continue massaging the back, it is possible to massage the feline’s belly. It is possible that he does not appreciate this type of hugging. Once again don’t insist if he’s pointing. If he wants a massage, your cat will lie on his back or stay in this position. You can then gently knead her belly. You should know that belly massage is prohibited if your cat has just eaten. On the other hand, it makes it possible to better evacuate the ingested hairballs.

3 – Soft caresses to massage the cat’s head

Know that it is possible and even recommended to massage your cat’s head. Besides, your animal will undoubtedly be delighted! You can opt for stroking or circular movements. Whichever you choose, you’ll need to be gentle. Start at the top of the head, then go around the ears, the back of the head, the forehead and the cheeks. Remember to also massage the neck with gentle movements. Your cat will undoubtedly have fun rubbing themselves. It can even guide your actions. So stay tuned to their needs.

4 – Precision for the massage of the legs

Be careful, it is not uncommon for cats not to tolerate paw massage. If you are facing reluctance, do not insist. Be aware that the area between the pads is unreachable for the cat. If you massage it on that particular area, you will soothe any itching.

5 – Slide your fingers to massage the cat’s tail

The tail of the cat is one of the most sensitive parts. However, if you manage to massage it once at this level, your cat will be very grateful to you. To achieve this, gently slide the cat’s tail between your hands …

Know that the 5 techniques presented can be the stages of a massage session. You can spend between 3 and 5 minutes to make your cat feel better.

Massage accessories

To massage a cat, it is possible to opt for one of the many accessories sold in stores. Although they are easy to use, they are not a substitute for your hand. This is warm and ensures real contact with the animal. In addition, it is easier to manage the intensity and the precision of the massages with the hands.

Finally, do not hesitate to brush your cat before starting the massage. You will have less hair on you and above all, the cat will already be in good condition.