Challenges to ‘rebuild America for the better’

The candidate of the Democratic Party, former Vice President Joe Biden was announced by the US media as the runner-up in the race to the White House 2020 after a lot of drama that not only Americans but also the world “hold on. breathe ”watched.

Overcoming the current Republican President Donald Trump, although there are still many legal controversies, Mr. Biden said he was ready to assume the responsibility of leading the United States to overcome current challenges to “Rebuilding America for the better,” as he pledged to run for office.

At the age of 78, if he officially becomes president, Mr. Biden will be the oldest president in American history. Looking back on his journey to victory, it can be said that Mr. Biden faced many difficulties and challenges. Failure in his previous two presidential elections in 1987 and 2007 did not “knock him over.”

On the contrary, determination, perseverance, perseverance along with a desire to bring a new start to the country he thinks are “hurting” and “lost” after 4 turbulent years under the government of President Donald Trump, put the Democratic candidate into the race’s final effort.

Officially announcing his election in April 2019, Mr. Joe Biden had to go through an equally intense competition with a series of prominent Democratic candidates in the preliminary elections to win the representative ticket. this party to participate in the race to the White House.

Although it does not have the initial advantage of being ahead of other candidates in some early primary states, but with experience gained in 8 years as vice president, 6 terms of MP and 2 In the presidential election, Mr. Biden has gradually regained the upper hand and made a spectacular breakthrough to soon achieve the full 1,991 votes required according to the election regulations.

After receiving the nomination at the National Congress of the Democratic Party on August 21, Mr. Biden officially entered the race, but the code is considered to be the most fierce and unpredictable in American history.

Candidate Biden has been judged to have limitations such as age, “lack of presidential demeanor” and former “deputy general” of President Barack Obama makes it difficult for voters to assess his ability. in running the country, especially in the economic sector, if you are elected. However, the closer to election day, especially after two face-to-face debates, this old politician has shown himself as a leader capable of leading the country through current difficulties. . Therefore, the advantage gradually tilted towards him.

The COVID-19 epidemic not only caused a medical emergency, but also plunged the United States into the spiral of the worst economic crisis, making the US unemployment rate as high as during the “Great Depression. “The 1930s. With that, the United States faced protests against racism that took place in many states.” These are considered the biggest weaknesses of President Trump and naturally become the target of the attack of candidate Biden and his campaign.

California State Senator Kamala Harris (right) and former US Vice President Joe Biden at the Democratic National Congress. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

In most of his election campaigns as well as in two head-to-head confrontations with his opponents, Mr. Biden focused on criticizing the Trump administration’s ineffective handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting the US suffer heavy consequences with the number of infections and deaths in the world, and warn of a “dark winter” if the current government does not have a clear and comprehensive plan to prevent the epidemic. This dangerous disease.

For his part, Mr. Biden affirmed his efforts will focus on getting people to wear masks and get tested faster for SARS-COV-2 virus, setting national standards that can open schools and help the business is back safely, while also providing them with financial resources.

The former Vice President Biden’s implementation of the correct campaign strategy at the “match” before the election, which is to highlight the contrast in the way to handle the pandemic with President Trump, calm before the onslaught of opponents often take advantage of the last chance to speak directly with US voters, seem to have been effective in persuading voters, especially the group of voters who are hesitant in battle states, forces is considered to be an important role in his overall victory.

Along with the pandemic problem, Mr. Biden also enjoys voter support on a variety of issues, including the ethnic crisis, as he demonstrates sympathy and understanding for victims of color. and attracting an African-American electoral force.

Previously, the wisely and carefully considered decision when choosing Kamala Harris, a character of a black woman with immigrant background, also helped him attract more support at the same time. Various groups of voters such as female voters (especially in suburban areas) and immigrant-born voters have been increasing in numbers in the United States in recent decades. This helped him consolidate his leadership position, even widening the gap with President Trump in national polls as well as the battlefield states that Trump won in the 2016 race.

A new, important factor contributing to Mr. Biden’s victory was the highest early voting and postal voting rate since 1908, marking the first time in American political history. number of votes cast before the official election day. Experts rate the higher the rate of voters and the larger the number of voters who vote early or mail the ballot papers more detrimental to Republicans. And reality has proved it.

Winning is difficult, but the task of building the country when becoming the “commander-in-chief” of the world’s number one power is even more difficult in the current context. Mr. Biden will face many challenges on a wide range of issues such as economic recession, ethnic conflict, health care, judicial and legal system reform, possession of guns or national security, as well as foreign policy issues with North Korea, China, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, the European Union (EU) … when the divide is deep. identity between two parties is always a barrier.

When running for the election, Mr. Biden launched a “Build Back better” plan, which focuses on immediately revitalizing the economy and tackling inequality that is deeply rooted in the US with a series of new proposals. The plan is intended to create millions of jobs and provide the tools needed for the American working class to rebuild a brighter future through significant investments in people, infrastructure, and the environment. Mr. Biden will also look for ways to tighten regulations to protect the environment, consumers, employees and investors.

However, this is not an easy task because the above plan is assessed as not making a competitive difference with the plan of President Trump. Even some points will be difficult to ensure the first interests of the American people when there is a conflict between Mr. Biden’s policy in the field of trade and the provisions of the multilateral system of institutions such as World Trade Organization (WTO).

In the issue of health care is considered a priority today, Mr. Biden pledged to listen to the opinions of health officials when taking measures to respond to the pandemic, and reopen safely. full. However, it is likely that his administration will also face a “dilemma” between opening the door to reviving the economy and closing the door to avert pandemic.

Mr. Biden also defended the view of upholding the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, with the necessary adjustments to be able to extend to those with underlying medical conditions and economic difficulties. , especially after the pandemic. However, this law is currently a matter of controversy because of many shortcomings. They are also the immigration and judicial system reform issues that he has been criticized by President Trump “has not achieved anything outstanding” during his eight years as vice president.

The way to 'blend My country better' than image 2
The Americans rejoiced at the news that the Democratic presidential candidate of Joe Biden was elected as the 46th President and that Kamala Harris would become the first black female Vice President of the United States. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

In the international arena, the foreign policy of the United States will inevitably change when Mr. Biden declares to reverse, delete or reduce the moves considered “toughest and boldest” by the President. Trump. This list will include reversing the prohibition on citizens of predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States, resuming US budgetary contributions and membership at the World Health Organization. (WHO), rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change … You will also seek to cooperate in multilateral institutions such as the United Nations, WTO, International Monetary Fund (IMF) … as well as associates with traditional allies and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). From the Middle East to Asia, Latin America to Africa, and especially Europe, Mr. Biden is likely to, on a number of issues, have changes in the way the United States behaves in international politics.

However, to turn words into actions is not easy and Mr. Biden will face many challenges to be able to fulfill his commitment to “rebuild America for a better” ./.