Changing furniture: 5 eco-responsible ideas rather than throwing them away

The sofa has lost all its rounded shape, your bed is sagging and your dressing room is crumbling under the weight of your clothes: it may be time to change the furniture, right? When you are at a stage beyond vintage and you want a facelift in your decoration, it is high time to equip yourself with a new interior. It may be that your current furniture is worn out or you simply got bored of it. So what to do with your old furniture when you’ve seen enough of it, rather than throwing it away? If you want to change it, there are plenty of possibilities. Here are a few.

1 – Customize your furniture

Couldn’t the piece of furniture you are about to forget please you in another way? What if it could still be used by customizing it? Sometimes it takes just a little detail to make a big difference. Because the customization, there is more than that true. We hear that everywhere! Personalize your furniture, give it an original touch: color, a new coating, a special accessory. The Net is full of ideas and photos for inspiration. It’s up to you to let your creativity speak. Also, if you have the soul of a DIY enthusiast, there is something fun about this customization activity. For example :

  • Give a patinated look to your furniture
  • Repaint part of it – how about chair legs or the inside of open furniture, or even the legs of your bed?
  • Modernize handles or knobs by changing them
  • Transform the seat of a chair into straw with fabric
  • Lay mosaic or cement tiles on a table
  • Makeover a surface with slate on which you can write with chalk
  • Cover your furniture with wallpaper
  • Converting chairs into a bench
  • Use wood from a cabinet to make a coffee table
  • Making shelves from an old dresser
  • Use an old piece of furniture to create a central island

2 – Develop your furniture

Of course, it is advisable to be a little handyman to transform your furniture. But the DIY (Do It Yourself) fashion is on such a scale, that you will inevitably find what you are looking for online. It would be a shame if your furniture is of good quality and solid to part with it when all it takes is a nice transformation! And there are many. For example :

So over to you the tutorials, the how-to videos and thanks to the magic of the Internet and maybe some help from someone who really knows it, you can do wonders with your old furniture.

3 – Donate your furniture

Your grandmother’s armchair that sat in your reading nook was ideal in your old apartment, but you are moving and do not know where to put it from now on. In fact, this beautiful room does not match the modern style of your new loft at all. In that case, give it away! Do you want to take your old furniture out onto the street to give it away? You’ve probably seen it before: old furniture lying around the street to be donated. Indeed, especially in places where there are many inhabitants, it often happens that someone passes and grabs it. At first glance, this may seem like a great idea and above all practical. But this is only possible if you place your furniture on your own land, for example in the driveway of your garage, in your garden or at the entrance of the house, subject to authorization. The easiest way is still to donate your furniture to associations like Emmaüs. Some charities like these even pick up your furniture from your home. Inquire! It is both good for the environment but also for people who will have the chance to recover your furniture.

4 – Supply a recycling or resource center

What exactly is a resource center or a recycling center? It is a solidarity-based organization active in reuse, which collects objects and materials that you no longer want. The teams in these places are responsible for giving a second life to what you bring to them that you no longer use. It’s a good way to avoid waste and an eco-responsible idea when you want a change in terms of interior decoration. Placing your furniture in a resource center or recycling center near you – there are more and more of them – rather than depositing them in a recycling center, remains a good way to recycle old objects.

5 – Recycle your furniture

Where to put your old furniture? These do not necessarily have their place in a trash can, even if they fit there. After all, they are often made of valuable materials that can be reprocessed, at least in part. It is therefore much smarter to recycle your furniture. To do this, take them to your local recycling center or to the waste materials collection center, in short to a recycling center where a wide variety of waste is carefully sorted.