Changing the department number on your license plate is now prohibited

I’m going to end the week on a high note with a rant that you will no doubt push with me in a few moments, when I have told you what is causing my anger today.

A fine with the key

You will agree that on the hassle side, sorry, the trouble side, at the moment, we’ve all had our fill. And yet, obviously, that was not enough, For about ten years now, it is no longer necessary to change the plates of a car when it changes owners, since its registration is permanent.

As a result, savings of 30 to 50 euros are quite welcome when you have to pay the registration fees at the same time. As a used car comes in two out of three cases from another department, sometimes even from the other end of the country, most motorists have become accustomed to changing the department number with a sticker, those that can be found for 1 or 2 euros per unit on the Internet or at certain locksmiths. Only here it is: it is now prohibited, and with the key, you risk a fine of 135 euros.

Obligation to change license plate

A license plate maker managed to get the Supreme Court to declare the small stickers to change the department number illegal. At a time when we talk about ecology all the time, it is absurd, since to change the number you have to change the plates.

At a time when we have to save money, so is it. But in fact the real absurd thing is that the department number is no longer part of the registration as it used to be. You can put whatever number you want on the plate, but not using a sticker. Once is not custom, the leather rings dear to Courteline were pleased.

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