Character and behavior of the hamster: main traits to better understand it

The hamster is a small rodent very nice boiled. If he has been in a family since birth, the hamster is a very gentle animal. He must therefore be familiarized with humans as long as he is not an adult, otherwise he is very suspicious. There are several varieties of hamsters. Thus, the Russian hamster is one of the dwarf breeds that can be tamed very well, because it is nice and quiet. He is the ideal companion for a child, but it should not be rushed. The Syrian hamster is larger in size. He must be accustomed to man very gradually. Here is everything you need to know about the hamster.

The hamster, an active animal

The hamster is very active. He is constantly snooping around during his period of activity during the night, because he is very curious. In order for him to be able to live properly at his own pace, a wheel must be installed in his cage so that he can exercise at his own pace. There are several diameters of hamster wheel and the larger one without bars will give it better comfort. He will thus be able to keep his back straight and will not hurt his legs.

The hamster, a very clean animal

When not exploring or playing, hamsters spend a lot of time grooming. It should therefore not be washed, because it takes care of itself perfectly using its paws and licking the accessible parts of its body.

The strange behavior of the hamster

The hamster has some behaviors that we can not always understand. So, if you put his food in his bowl placed away from his litter box and his toys, you will find it everywhere. This should not be ignored, because this character trait is a “vestige” of his wild past that he has kept in his genes. When he eats, the hamster stores food in his jowls and thus transports them to another place it deems suitable for tasting. He behaves this way, because he is looking for a place where he feels safe to swallow his food without danger.

The daily life of the hamster

In order for your hamster to be happy and healthy, you need to provide it with fresh food every day by supplying it with vegetables and fruits and removing the one from the day before so that it does not generate mold. His litter must also be very clean and changed on a daily basis. If your hamster eats his feces, this is usual for him because he searches for foods containing the vitamins he needs. It should not therefore be prevented.

The hamster and communication

The hamster is able to communicate through little grunts or very quiet cries. In this case, he wants to tell you that he wishes not to be disturbed. If you shows his teethis that he really needs peace and should not be approached at such times, especially children. If the hamster whines or whistles repeatedly is that he may be in pain somewhere or if he has a health problem. It is therefore better to drive him quickly to the vet. When the hamster has a fearful attitude or moves slowly, it means giving it a little time. He usually has this attitude the first time he discovers his new surroundings. If the hamster tries to bite you, you either hurt it by touching it or surprised it because it was sleeping.

Knowing how to spot a happy hamster

In hamsters, there are signs that your pet is happy and well in his life. To find out, you have to observe your animal. If you see that it is snuggled up in his litter, everything is fine. If he does his toilet or stretches, this is still a very good sign, because he is relaxed. If he run and jumpis that he feels safe.

Why can a hamster be aggressive?

The hamster is kind by nature and when it shows aggressiveis that something is wrong. Several causes can explain this behavior. The hamster is solitary by nature and if you impose the presence of another individual on it, its behavior can change. It should not be made to coexist. The hamster lives at night and sleeps during the day. If something disturbs his sleep, he can be aggressive. In this case, it is a defense reaction. If your hamster is a female who has just had babies, she is protecting her babies and may have an aggressive reaction to the human she thinks is a potential danger.

The hamster is a nocturnal animal sleeping during the day. Children should not wake him up when he is sleeping so as not to disturb him and make him aggressive. In addition, being awake in this way can stress him out and cause him health problems. by following these few guidelines, your hamster should be happy and healthy and you will be able to find great pleasure in watching it evolve.