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The State will subsidize the installation of charging stations in motorway areas, the objective being to equip all of them by 2023. In all, 100,000 charging points should be open to the public in both years.

Creation of charging stations: The State will cover 30% of the cost

The lack of charging stations on the route is, as everyone knows, a major obstacle to purchasing an electric car. The economic equation is not necessarily there for terminal installers, the fleet of electric cars is still relatively small in France. But a massive transition to electric vehicles will have to be carried out to drastically reduce pollutant emissions in our country. It is in this spirit that the State has decided to put its hand in the wallet and subsidize the installation of these charging stations.

By January 1, 2023, the State will therefore devote 100 million euros to subsidizing the installation of charging stations in motorway areas. The State will cover 30% of the cost of creating a charging station, or even 40% of the cost for small, low-profit stations. The operators of the first 150 recharging points installed will also benefit from a bonus, namely a cost of 40% instead of 30%.

Charging stations: ambitious goals with partner companies

If the State is generous in supporting the creation of these charging stations, it is also because it has just created a legal obligation for motorway operators to make these terminals available to motorists. A decree has just been published establishing, for all the public motorway service representatives, the obligation to ” ensure the distribution of all usual energy sources “. Non-concessionary national highways are also concerned: the State has taken on the obligation to equip them also at the same time.

This new commitment follows on from the one already made in 2020 with the “Objective 100,000 stations” charter, which aims to involve the companies E.Leclerc, LIDL, Système U, Green Yellow and the Métropole du Grand Paris in the deployment of charging infrastructures. , FNCCR, as well as TOTAL, IZIVIA, ENGIE and ENEDIS. Within the framework of the ADVENIR program, the State supports up to 60% of the cost of the terminals open to the public by these companies, ie aid ranging from 2,000 euros to 9,000 euros.

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