Charlie Nguyen talks about the bitter failure of ‘Someone who needs to forget must remember’

Producer Charlie Nguyen is open to audiences in Ho Chi Minh City on the afternoon of January 10 – Photo: MI LY

After 15 days of premiere, you need to forget to remember earned nearly 1.9 billion and left the theater. This is disappointing and sad sales for the famous team of producer Charlie Nguyen and director Duc Thinh.

Charlie Nguyen – who held the scale of the project, said the film lost more than 1 million USD (23 billion VND).

On the afternoon of January 10, he opened his heart to the HCMC audience about this bitter defeat.

Failure due to not touching the hearts of the audience

Asked about the box office’s failure People who need to forget need to rememberCharlie Nguyen confided:

“No major filmmaker in the world never fails. I always tell my colleagues that I will do my best with the project, and the result is goddamn. I’m not too happy to succeed, not too much. sad when you fail Every failure is a lesson.

No one wants to produce a failed movie. Nobody can say that I never failed. Those who do a lot are the ones who fail the most. When the movie fails, I look back at myself.

Charlie Nguyen expresses his heart about the bitter failure of 'Someone who needs to forget must remember' - Photo 2.

‘People who need to forget to remember’ are at a disadvantage because the content is not excellent and the word of mouth effect is too negative – Photo: ĐPCC

I do not think People who need to forget need to remember is a bad movie. But I am sure it is not suitable for this market need, not meeting the needs of the audience now. That need changes every day, not every year. When I made a movie, I followed this “trend”, and by the time the movie came out, the “trend” had changed.

If People who need to forget need to remember In theaters a few years ago, many young people will respond “.

But the most important reason, according to Charlie Nguyen, is that the film has not told the story that touched the audience’s heart, not yet made the audience burst with emotion. That is the biggest reason.

“But to touch the audience’s heart, it must be through the character. This is because I have not accompanied the character to the full extent. If the audience cries when watching the movie, it is because they sympathize and love the character. They hurt because characters’ pain Why should they love a gangster? Why should they love a journalist who wants to use her father’s death to get on the front page?

That’s what we haven’t done yet. Do not love two characters, so when they gain – lose, the audience does not care “- producer Charlie Nguyen said.

After the movie premiere in Hanoi, I pulled Duc Thinh to a corner and said: “I wish I could come back and go back a few more scenes. I realize the problem. I know what to do with the series. this movie “. That moment is extremely important, but things are no longer in time.

After debut Papa skin daughter soul I used to sit down together for many hours, we were like taking our hearts out of our chest and analyzing every inch.

Editing too much, changing the whole movie genre

Movie Trailer People need to forget to remember

Original idea People who need to forget need to remember thriller is a film of investigation, detective, and criminal (thriller). The structure is the two main characters trying to deceive each other to achieve their goals. This is an interesting idea but very difficult to tell and differs from the previous films of Duc Thinh.

Originally, the love story was just B-story of the film, but in the end, the movie pushed the love story to the mainline because it was suitable for the director’s forte.

Charlie Nguyen wants to mix many genres into the movie: romance, detective, criminal. Meanwhile, director Duc Thinh claimed that he could only make rom-com. Therefore, the team had to write the script over and over again to come up with the rom-com script that Duc Thinh wanted.

When there were only a few months left to shoot and re-read the script, Charlie Nguyen realized that the script was not harmonious, still annoying. Until filming was made, the script still had to be edited.

Charlie Nguyen admits the process of editing the script is too complicated because of him. After editing the film and watching the draft films, he repeatedly asked the crew to write more scenes, shoot again, and then edit them.

“This movie has all kinds of problems” – he summarized.

Charlie Nguyen expressed his heart about the bitter failure of 'Someone who needs to forget must remember' - Photo 4.

‘People who need to forget’ were edited and filmed too many times during the production process – Photo: ĐPCC

Charlie Nguyen asked to film more “take” because he wanted the actor to have the opportunity to transform more fully, the editor had a more perfect choice.

On the question of whether Charlie will step into the role of the director when asked to do so, screenwriters Michael Thai and George Ding said: “No matter what the problem, the writer and producer have to trust. into the director’s own vision “.

Charlie Nguyen concludes the film when completed is “a modified virus, no longer the original idea”. “There are ideas that I have in mind if they are put into the film will be very touching, but increasingly find it impossible to attach to the film, not to develop. I have to put them in the trash, feel sorry” – he admits.

charlie 2

Charlie Nguyen on the set of ‘People who need to forget to remember’ – Photo: ĐPCC

‘K There is never fairness in filmmaking ‘

Charlie Nguyen commented on the controversy surrounding martial arts revenue: “From my personal opinion, there is never fairness in filmmaking. Everyone has a hard time: producer, publisher, theater. Everyone is arduous, stressed, under great pressure. Everybody. Asking for justice is not realistic.

When the movie was successful, the theaters all arranged a slot every 15 minutes, would anyone raise their hand and say, “It’s not fair, I want my movies to show only a little to yield to other movies”? No one says that, so when you fail, don’t raise your hand to ask for justice. How many times do other people fail to succeed, so be happy for them. ”

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