Check out 5 fun facts about the crystal-clear water paradise

the sea of Caribbean, famous for its crystal clear waters, is one of the most sought after destinations by the world population to spend the vacation. It is so famous that many people believe that the Caribbean is a country, however it is not. The Hydraulic Basin of the Caribbean bathes more than a thousand islands in several countries in America and is the stage for several films.

Check out five fun facts about the Caribbean

Caribbean language

The Caribbean Islands had different colonizations, as in the entire “New World”. The predominant language is Spanish, but some Islands belong to France and the United Kingdom, so they speak the language of the metropolis. With minor occurrences, Dutch is also present among the languages.

Colony Islands

There are islands in the Caribbean that are not independent. The islands that belong to France are the Archipelago of Guadeloupe (composed of 6 islands), the islands of San Bartolomeu and San Marino. The United States has two islands as an extension of its territory, they are Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. The British Crown also has Islands in the region, the so-called British Virgin Islands, Monressate, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands and Bermuda, thus, the United Kingdom is the country with the most land portion in the region.

Colony Islands. | Photo: Disclosure.

San Andrés

The Colombian Caribbean is the most desired destination for Brazilians. In addition to all Caribbean beauty, there are culinary riches, such as seafood, which are abundant in the archipelago.

Caribbean islands
San Andres. | Photo: Disclosure.

Trinidad and Tobago

Unlike most Caribbean islands that make a living from tourism, Trinidad and Tobago’s main economic functions are oil exploration and fishing. The islands are located in South America, near Venezuela. The country also has its beautiful beaches, however, it is not a common destination for Brazilians.

Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago. | Photo: Reproduction.


Located in Haiti, Tortuga, the Pirate Island that appears in the movies Pirates of the Caribbean it is practically made up of very tall trees and rocks. The inhabited parts of the island are Low country, where there is the port of Cayonne, the Basse-Terre village, where tobacco is grown, and the Mountain.

Caribbean tourism
Island of Tortuga. | Photo: Atanas Malamov/Unsplash.