China conditionally ratifies the first line of Covid-19 resistant vaccine

China conditionally ratifies the first Covid-19 vaccine

The Chinese government today said December 31 that it has approved the circulation of the first Covid-19-resistant vaccine after conducting a preliminary analysis of the test results.

Sinopharm’s Covid-19-resistant vaccine was 79% effective, according to a temporary analysis of the third-round test results. Photo: AFP

The Covid-19-resistant vaccine recently approved for widespread circulation in China is a two-shot vaccine, developed by the China National Pharmaceutical Corporation (Sinopharm).

The New York Times quoted Sinopharm’s claim that the Covid-19-resistant vaccine by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products – a unit affiliated to Sinopharm – achieved an antiviral effect of 79% based on interim analysis of third-round test results. .

The results of the third test have reinforced the recent assertion of some Chinese officials that the country’s vaccines are safe and effective. Before issuing a formal vaccine license, the Chinese authorities pushed a broad-based vaccination program, ignoring industry standards.

The Chinese authorities plan to give the Covid-19 vaccine to 50 million people in the country in mid-February 2021, when China witnessed the biggest “pandemic” of the year due to the Chinese New Year holiday.

Test results that Sinopharm released showed that the effectiveness of this vaccine is worse than vaccines licensed for use in other countries. Even the results of Sinopharm’s vaccine trial have not been groundbreaking and questions remain open, raising suspicions about China’s development of the Covid-19 resistant vaccine over the past few months.

Wu Yonglin, President of Sinopharm, said the vaccine trial results will be published in major scientific journals in the future.

Even so, an effective vaccine that exceeded 50% is still considered satisfactory.

China’s plan to develop a Covid-19-resistant vaccine on its own shows the country’s diplomatic and technological ambitions. Development a kind success Vaccines reinforce China’s efforts to become a competitor to the US and other developed countries in the field of biomedical sciences.

The vaccine by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products is ready for mass production, but Chinese officials have yet to give a clear answer about the vaccine’s production capacity. “Production capacity is a volatile and continuous process,” said Mao Junfeng, deputy director of the Department of Consumer Products, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Sinopharm is one of five Chinese units participating in the global race to develop the Covid-19 resistant vaccine – a virus that has so far claimed the lives of more than 1.8 million people.

Previously, two other vaccines developed by Moderna pharmaceutical company (USA) and Pfizer-BioNTech alliance have tested results up to 95% effective. In particular, the vaccine developed by the alliance between the pharmaceutical company Pfizer (USA) and the biotechnology company BioNTech (Germany) has been licensed for use in more than 40 countries around the world, and Moderna’s vaccine has been licensed. in the US, while some countries are considering approving this vaccine.

In Russia, the country’s officials announced that the Sputnik V vaccine was 91% effective, and at the same time activated the program of vaccination against Covid-19 on a large scale. In other developments, the vaccine against Covid-19 was jointly studied by the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (UK), which was licensed for emergency circulation by the UK on December 30.